6 thoughts on “The Jaaxy Review – The Best SEO Keyword Tool”

  1. Dragi

    I have used this tool as well as other members of Wealthy Affiliate to find low competitive keywords when choosing a niche for my site. I agree with your statement that this is a great tool for this choice as well as for selecting keywords for the content of our sites. You say that this is also the best tool that can be found. I do not have such an experience but there is no reason not to believe you. I’m interested in the ranking checker section. I tried several times to check the ranking of my site but I have not received any results so far. Is that because my site has a low ranking on Google? Do I have a question: Is there an opportunity to get information through Jaaxy for the correct ranking of the site even if it is very low?

    1. Thank you for Dragi. I’m not sure which version of Jaaxy you are currently subscribed to. Here’s the breakdown, the Pro version searches the first 10 pages of Google, and the Enterprise version searches the top 20 pages. I hope this helps. 


  2. Daniel

    Thanks for the review,
    Jaaxy is my go to keywords research tool, I can’t find any other keywords research tools that are friendly as Jaaxy.
    It is simple to use and saves me a lot of time. Jaaxy helps me find low competition keywords and also new keyword ideas.
    I definitely agree with you that Jaaxy is the best keywords research tool.

  3. Khalfish

    I am currently using Jaaxy trial and it works well for me despite the limited usage of only one page search. I have never used other sites like Jaaxy so I can’t compare, but what i get from the trial version which is free forever is really worth it.
    What I like most is that I can search some words rank on my post and that help in my SEO.
    I believe if I can get satisfaction on the trial version, the Pro and the Enterprise must be super great!

    1. Thank you Khalfish. Jaaxy is a great tool to have for affiliate marketers. The Pro and Enterprise versions are exceptional, as they have a lot more features. However, I recommend that you only upgrade if you can fit it into your budget. If you are happy using the free version, then I suggest that you stick with that. Good luck with your site!

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