Top 5 Best Credit Affiliate Programs


Shoppers have a wide choice of payment systems. They include cash, electronic payments, and checks. One of the most popular payment methods that has continued to enjoy popularity despite the entrant of new players in the market is credit cards.

In a 2017 survey, over 1000 consumers were asked which payment method they preferred. Out of the 1000 customers, 44% chose debit cards, 33% chose credit cards and 12% opted for cash.

As of 2017 Black Friday sales, data revealed that credit cards had gained more popularity than previously assumed.

To ensure that more consumers have access to credit cards, companies have designed affiliate programs.

These programs are meant to popularise the use of credit cards while providing a passive income opportunity to affiliates.

Today, we will be taking a look at the best credit card affiliate programs. In the review, you will learn more about credit card affiliate programs, their commission rates, and cookie duration.



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#1.Bankrate Credit Card Network


As a leader in the credit card affiliate marketing for US financial institutions, the company provides the best solution for affiliates and advertisers to grow their business. To ensure this is possible, the Bankrate Credit Card Network provides support and tools to help businesses survive in today’s competitive environment.

The success of the Bankrate Credit Card Network is also attributed to a strong commitment. Over the years, the affiliate network has continued to develop long-lasting relationships not only with advertisers but with publishers too. They have also ensured that affiliates continue enjoying top credit card offers and best service.


Why Join?


The Bankrate Credit Card Network provides the following to its affiliates:


  • Access to user-friendly in site tools
  • Access to Data Feeds
  • Access to Co-brand solutions
  • Access to award-winning content
  • Access to their affiliate support team
  • Top monthly payouts
  • Access to User-friendly reporting and tracking interface
  • Free enrollment


Commission rates – they vary


Cookie – duration varies


To get started with Bankrate Credit Card Network, click here. Affiliate Network


The Affiliate Network was founded in 2001 and since then, it has become the go-to place for affiliate marketers looking for a passive income earning opportunity. As an affiliate network, the platform offers a wide range of offers and solutions in the credit and finance sectors.

To ensure more affiliates continue signing up, works closely with advertisers. By doing so, affiliates get access to high converting products and enjoy the highest commission rates in the market.

The team at has created innovative widgets which can be integrated with their offers directly on your blog. As such, you are now able to focus more on marketing their products which results in a higher ROI for you and the network.

Having been business for close to 2 decades(at the time of writing), offers higher payouts. This is true for affiliates who have been successful in driving sales and traffic. The more you deliver, the higher your payouts will be. Before long, will be offering you Platinum level payouts which means big bucks.


Why Join?


  • Affiliates have access to a wide range of in-site tools
  • Affiliates have access to intuitive tracking and reporting tools
  • Affiliates enjoy higher payouts and commission with an option of increasing the level of payouts
  • Affiliates have access to a dedicated affiliate manager


Commission rate – varies


Cookie – duration varies


To get started with Affiliate program, click here.


This is an award-winning affiliate network which provides access to solutions for affiliates and even advertisers. Unlike other affiliate programs, FlexOffers works by partnering with advertisers and providing a list of affiliate programs on its websites.

The programs are grouped under different categories. This makes it easy for affiliates to find a program that works for them.

For instance, if you navigate to Affiliate Programs>Financial Services>Credit Card, a list of available affiliate programs will appear. To ensure that affiliates and businesses are able to reap benefits, FlexOffers uses a wide range of marketing options.

The company also uses different data delivery methods as well as payment solutions. By doing so, they are able to create profitable partnerships with affiliates and advertisers. When you join FlexOffers as an affiliate, you have access to more 12,000+ affiliate programs from different categories.

Using your marketing skills, promote products and services offered by advertisers. To ensure your marketing strategies are successful, FlexOffers provides a wide range of tools. They include text links, content feeds, and others.

At the time of writing, FlexOffers had 12,000+ advertisers and 500+ Premium advertisers on its network.


Why Join?

  • Affiliates have access to dedicated affiliate managers
  • Affiliates have access to enhanced tech services and tools
  • Affiliates can join the FlexRev-Share program and earn more money
  • Affiliates have access to an intuitive dashboard that is easy to use
  • Affiliates are paid on a NET30 basis and the NET7 basis for top performers


Commission- rates vary per affiliate


Cookie – duration varies


To join FlexOffers, click here.



#4. CJ Affiliate


As a leader in the affiliate marketing network, Cj Affiliate is trusted by the world’s largest brands. Founded in 1998 in Santa Barbara, California, the company has over 15 offices located around the world. These offices are dedicated to delivering fast class service to publishers and advertisers.

Today, Cj Affiliate is part of Alliance Data Systems. Together with Epsilon and Conversant, the companies work hand in hand by sharing data in order to provide a customer-centric approach to its affiliate marketing program.

With over a million monthly customers and 4.8 million relationships created annually, this is the channel to reach and influence consumers in the financial services sector. Currently, Cj Affiliate has some of the brightest minds in the affiliate network business. As a result, they have provided affiliates with innovative tools and solutions for tracking, reporting, and marketing. Thanks to this, affiliates have experienced tremendous growth and increased commission payouts.


Why Join?

  • Affiliates have access to leverage cutting-edge technology
  • Affiliates have access to the Affiliate Personalization solution. This sets you apart from your competition
  • Affiliates can now promote products and services across devices. This maximizes earning opportunities
  • Affiliates have access to cookieless tracking technology. This enhances your privacy
  • Affiliates have access to the ad and content monetization suite


To get started with Cj Affiliate, click here.


This is an affiliate network that helps financial institutions run their affiliate marketing products. As a company, specializes in performance marketing specifically for business lending, insurance investments, and credit among others.

Over the years, the company’s focus has widened to include other financial services. By doing so, the company has continued to offer better services to its partners and the affiliates as well.

At, not only do publishers have access to credit card affiliate programs but credit repair and other financial services too. This provides affiliates with a wide selection to choose from. As a result, one gets to maximize their commission payouts.

Some of the popular affiliate programs you may come across include The Street, Personal Capital,, Discover, Lending Club, and SmartBank among others.


Why Join?

  • Affiliates have an opportunity of monetizing their traffic
  • Affiliates have access to exclusive offers
  • Affiliates have access to competitive offer payouts
  • Affiliates have access to hands-on affiliate managers
  • Through the Pay Per Call system, affiliates can earn additional income through customer referral


To join affiliate program, click here.



Final Thoughts


As a blogger or website owner looking for the best credit card affiliate networks, the list above should get you started on the road to becoming a successful affiliate. What you need to know is that it takes a lot of work, creativity, patience, and innovativeness to be recognized as a top affiliate performer.

Top affiliate performers have access to Premium Advertisers offers. Also, they receive higher commission rates as they bring in high traffic numbers. As a beginner, achieving such success is not difficult. All you have to do is come up with a memorable domain name, have a mobile-friendly website, invest in informative and relevant content.

Don’t forget to optimize your website for SEO. Without this, getting ranked on the first page of Google is not easy. If your website is ranked on the first page, that translates to more traffic to your website.

With effective marketing and promotion tools, you can convert a prospect into a buying or paying customer.

And that is how you start earning a commission. Keep learning and optimizing your marketing strategies and before you know it, you are a top affiliate. Remember, the affiliate program keeps changes, so stay in the know.

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