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Are you a blogger and you are looking for means to earn more income in this year? There are many electronic affiliate programs that you can use on your blog to earn you some cash as you continue to feed your audience with content.

Although creating a tangible audience for your blog might take time depending on your niche of blogging. In case you do online business, it can be the easiest way to create traffic if you do proper advertising. Blogging demands a lot of effort, patience, and commitment as well as consistency for you to tap the online audience into your website.

The electronic affiliate programs involve web advertising which you register your blog and ads will pop up automatically for your audience while consuming your content. The more your audience clicks or views the ads the more you earn commissions. Although the affiliate sites work differently some pay according to the number of clicks, others views and others amount of purchases you audience make via your link.


Here are six of the top affiliate programs for 2018?

There are so many affiliate programs you can register and be able to make some cash while blogging either for fun or for business. It’s always good to work with the best affiliate sites in the market today for you to earn well. Here are some of the best affiliate programs you can register for if you are yet to join in 2018?


1. Amazon Associates

Amazon is a famous online shopping store that delivers any product you purchase on your doorstep regardless of where you stay. The show has customers across the globe and can be a good starting point as an affiliate marketing endeavor that you should try in 2018. Amazon stocks wide variety of products which means your audience will still have something to buy from the platform. Despite your niche of blogging still, your audience will not lack something they should buy on Amazon.



Amazon pays good commissions to the bloggers, for instance, you can earn up to 10% of the product sale that comes through your link.


There are variety and a wide selection of products on Amazon since it’s a global online store which means one click will result in many products which may make your customer consider purchasing thus making income.


Every purchase your audience buys via your link, not necessarily the product one clicks from your blog you will still earn your affiliate income.



The Amazon affiliate cookies only valuable for 24 hours, if one makes a purchase after that you will not be in a position to earn.


The payments options are only restricted to bank transfers, Cheque or gift cards.


2. ShareASale Affiliates

This affiliate program has been on the market for over 15 years now and has always been improving in terms of operations. ShareASale features a plentiful marketplace with a lot of sellers providing everything you can think of, thus you are sure of getting any product you need to promote via your blog depending on your niche of blogging.



ShareASale offers all standard and digital payment options available in the current world. Thus this affiliate website makes it easy for you to receive your payments which gives them an upper hand over other sites.


There is a wide selection of products thus when choosing the traders to work with, you are sure of getting a large library of products where you pick the items you will wish to promote.



ShareASale account creation is not easy like some of the other electronic affiliate websites, which means it may take time to set up an account since you will require you to have some knowledge of technical aspects.


3. eBay Partners

eBay is another big global online market store that serves customers from across the world and delivers the products you purchase on your doorstep. The website welcomes any blogger regardless of the size of your audience to help them in advertising and selling products on their site. You only need to look for listings that you require to promote their products on your website using the eBay’s Partner Network tools and you earn.



The eBay marketplace is undisputable with a wide range of commodities from across the world, meaning anyone can get any product from the online store.


No complications like in other affiliate sites, you only need to share your unique link for listing and if one of your audience uses the link to purchase any product you earn your affiliate revenue.


The eBay affiliate program awards double commissions to all new bloggers who join the listings during the first three months which you should take advantage to make more money.



In case eBay is undertaking any auction you cannot earn anything for the period the auctioning is taking place even if the winning bidder uses your link.


4. Shopify Affiliate Program

The Shopify affiliate program is among the leading eCommerce software that many bloggers and online sellers use currently. You might be familiar with Shopify especially if your audience do business online by selling products and if you are yet to join then Shopify can be the best affiliate partner for you.



Shopify pays well per referral and in your first two months, you can earn up to $598 while still on the standard plan or makeup to $2000 once you are on enterprise plan.


There is no doubt that Shopify is the leading eCommerce website that its worth to refer people since you will earn well and enable them to make money too. Shopify is unbeatable eCommerce affiliate program that other websites fight hard to reach its level.



Shopify pays well but your audience must be online retailers for the program to make sense to them and join the program.


5. Clickbank

Clickbank is a diverse online marketplace where a lot of merchants are present from all parts of the world, and you will have to make a decision on which retailer or products to advertise on your site. Upon joining the Clickbank you are given the chance to select what products to promote on your blog from a collection of thousands of products from different merchants. The selection of the products to advertise should depend on your niche of blogging for it to be easy to sell to tour audience.



The Clickbank features many products and merchants from across the globe thus you can’t lack something to advertise on your blog. Clickbank has the easiest product database that will make it easy for you to navigate through the wide collection of products as you select the products to promote. The variety of products means your audience is also taken care of on the Clickbank and you will earn without staining.



Clickbank does not accommodate any digital payment method, unfortunately, it only uses, cheques, Wire transfer, Direct Deposit and Payoneer to process any payment.


There is a limit of earning, which means you are only capable of earning a maximum of $150 per referral sale irrespective of the product they sell via your link.


Limitation in referral payment may discourage some people since some products may be selling at a high price thus it’s good for the promoter to get good pay for the very commodity.


6. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates

Rakuten is another prominent affiliate program that will enable you to earn some cash by helping them in promoting the products they stock. The website features a variety of products ranging from pets to electronics among many other products. You can consider joining the Rakuten community as their advertiser and earn from every sale they make from your referral link.



Rakuten is one of the few affiliate sites you can trust, being an award-winning online store and its partnership with prominent brands like NBA, makes it a website you should promote her products on your blog and earn well. This electronic affiliate program makes huge payouts to the promoters often thus you should consider joining the team of bloggers who reap big from this online store.



It may consume a lot of time to join Rakuten and start earning since you must apply to promote each product on their website separately which might be discouraging to many bloggers. Imagine the amount of time it will take you to apply for advertising like ten brands it becomes very tedious.


The Rakuten website makes it hard for many people to navigate through the products due to its complications although you can contact their support team which is always active.


Conclusively, blogging in 2018 should be very profiting if you join the above top affiliate programs which are leading in the market currently when it comes to payment and provision of quality services and products.

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