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A peek at the Toy Industry – Facts and Statistics

The global children toys industry is a multibillion-dollar industry dominated by just five main toy manufacturers: LEGO, MATTEL, Hasbro, Namco Bandai and Toys “R” US. Other formidable industry players worth mentioning are Nintendo, Jakks Pacific, and Mellisa & Doug. According to the statistical data from Statista and The Toys Association, the global toy market has surpassed the US$90 billion mark. Here is a brief list of factoids on activities taking place in the world of toys:

  • 4 percent:    The average growth in sales of children toys since 2015
  • US$482: The average expenditure per year on children toys by a typical American household
  • US$499: Amount spent on toys per child in the UK
  • US$108: The projected gross revenue of global toy market in 2020
  • US$1.6: More revenues than MATTEL collected by LEGO in 2016 making it the largest toy maker in the world by sales.
  • 2017: The year Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy

As the figures indicate, children toys market is a really lucrative niche for any affiliate marketer out there. Here are the top children toys affiliate programs you need to consider trying out.



 MATTEL Affiliate Program

Mattel has a wide collection of famous brands in their name including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Monster High, Matchbox, Winx Club, Ever After High, a variety of board games among others. It is one of the top kids toys websites. The company has a presence in 41 countries globally and its brands are sold in over 150 countries and territories.


MATTEL Inc. has a partnership with a number of affiliate networks who handles all the affiliate marketing activities for them. As a result, the commissions tend to vary depending on the affiliate network. Commissions are in the range of 2.99 percent and 4 percent.

How to join Mattel Affiliate Program

Start by visiting the MATTEL Shop. Proceed to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on their “Affiliate Programs” link. A sign-up page directing you to LinkShare/Rakuten will be displayed. Better yet, you can complete the sign-up process through VigLink.

Benefits of marketing with MATTEL Affiliate Program

  • Good reputation – Mattel is among the top toy makers in the world. It also has a wide collection of famous brands which can fetch you impressive commissions
  • Recognizable marketing materials – the colorful banners sporting the widely familiar Mattel logo are great selling points
  • A wide range of products – Mattel has over 10 popular brands in its name. This means you have more products to promote depending on your taste.
  • Seasonal sales – Mattel comes up with special offers in various seasons throughout the year. You can capitalize on these seasonal offers to boost your sales.



 LEGO Affiliate Program

LEGO has been world’s largest maker of children toys by sales since 2015 after surpassing Mattel with US$2.1 billion worth of revenues. Clearly, there is a lot of money to be made on their affiliate program. The LEGO interlocking bricks are outright irresistible. LEGO has a presence in 132 countries with the deepest penetration in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


A commission of 3 percent is offered on each sale.

How to sign up for LEGO Affiliate Program

  1. Start by applying online
  2. Once your application has been approved, you can proceed to select LEGO text links and creative banners from a collection provided by the LinkShare website. Take the creative and post them on your site or blog to attract clients.
  3. The clients will be led to LEGO Shop to make purchases when they engage the LEGO banners and text links on your site.
  4. Each sale will earn you 3 percent commission which is subject certain conditions. Read the terms and conditions.

Benefits of marketing with LEGO Affiliate Program

LEGO is regarded highly by kids and parents and it ranks #5 among the best toy brands.

  • The popularity of LEGO is high than ever – There is no doubt that Lego Batman and Ninjago have made Lego more popular than it was a few years ago 3% commission
  • 7 return days
  • US$123 average sale
  • A low return rate
  • There is no monthly minimum at LEGO Affiliate Program
  • Individual links leading to over 500 products with reliable Merchandiser Feed
  • A variety of text links and banners. You can choose just the right content for your clients to help in easily optimizing the conversion
  • Your LEGO banners will be always up-to-date, thanks to the dynamically updated pictures
  • There are special promotions for highly valued affiliate partners
  • Reliable online reporting tools that help you track your commissions
  • LEGO has partnered with LinkShare to hands most of the affiliate marketing related operations. LinkShare provides all services pertaining to commission tracking, availing reporting and management tools, and auditing results.


Melissa & Doug

 Melissa & Doug Affiliate Program

Melissa & Doug Toy Company is barely 30 years, younger than most of the big toy companies we know but has grown to be among the top makers of wooden puzzles, plush toys, art and craft products, and an array of other educational toys. The company has produced over 5,000 products, a feat that has made it be in league with Mattel, Toys “R” Us and LEGO. The company gives passionate affiliates an opportunity to earn commissions by promoting its products on their toy related websites and blogs.

How to sign up for Melissa & Doug Affiliate Program

You can sign up for the program through the LinkShare registration page. After registration, you will choose the Melissa & Doug specific banners and text links which you will attach to your website or blog. Your clients will be directed to Melissa & Doug website when they click on the creative. Every successful purchase will earn a commission.


A maximum of 12 percent commission is offered on each sale. This, however, is subject to some conditions.

Benefits of marketing with Melissa & Doug Affiliate Program

  • Mellisa & Doug has over 3,000 innovative products for kids of all ages. You have more products to market than you need.
  • The partnership between Melissa & Doug and LinkShare has eased registration and earning processing operations. The company has outsourced most of the affiliate marketing related services to LinkShare, meaning the commission processing is flawless.
  • Bright banners showcasing the red and white Mellisa & Doug logo are captivating marketing materials when placed on your blog or site
  • A maximum of 12 percent commission is among the highest in the world of children toys affiliate marketing
  • Melissa & Doug Affiliate Program is one of the programs that stock products for children with special needs. You can promote skill building toys that boost cognitive, speech, sensory, and social ability levels among other exceptionalities.


*****************Note: Toys “R” Us has since gone out of business**********************


Toys “R” Us

 Toys “R” Us Affiliate Program

Toys “R” Us is a juvenile products maker producing toys, clothes, video games and baby products. It is among the top children toys maker in the world both by revenues and licensed stores. Despite their financial troubles in late 2017, Toys “R” Us is still a force to reckon in the children toys market. The company’s affiliate program allows affiliate marketers to marketer Toys “R” Us products at a commission.

How to sign up for Toys “R” Us Affiliate Program

  1. The program requires all the interested affiliates to read the Affiliate Operating Agreement before completing the registration process.
  2. Complete their online application
  3. If you are accepted into the program, they will send you all the tools and information you need to activate your account and begin promoting their products on your site or blog.


The program gives a minimum of 2 percent and a maximum of 5 percent commission depending on the products being promoted.

Benefits of marketing with Toys “R” Affiliate Program

  • You are free to promote products from other Toys “R” us affiliates and sister brands such as Babies “R” Us. This increases the pool of products available for marketing.
  • You will be provided with banners and text links sporting the “Toys “R” Us logo. The banners boost the conversion.

*****************Note: Toys “R” Us has since gone out of business**********************

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8 thoughts on “Top Children’s Toys Affiliate Programs”

  1. Cem Ozturk

    I never thought there was this many options for affiliate programs based off kids toys. There’s no doubt it’s lucrative but never realised it was this much. It’s also good to see that Toys R Us are still offering affiliate programs considering they went into bankruptcy.

    Factoring in all the positives for each, which one would you recommend to start with?

    1. Ed

      Thank you Cem. I suppose if you wanted to start with one, you could choose Toys R Us. The only reason I say this is because of the wide variety of products that you could choose from to promote. But I would definitely promote with all of them down the road. Hope this helps.


  2. Norman

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t realize the toy affiliate market was so formidable. I find the Melissa and Doug offerings particularly interesting, not just for the commissions, but also for the range of educational and targeted toys they offer. I had never heard of them, but now I’ll definitely have a closer look.

    Thanks again for sharing.


  3. Furkan

    Melissa and Doug has a lot of products and gives high commission. I really like that since It is a lot higher than many popular platforms. However how is the conversion rate? I did a research but could not find anything. Do you know it and is it better than the others?

    1. Ed

      I was unable to find any information on conversion rates either. I would suggest contacting them and asking if they would disclose their conversion rates. You can also tell them that you are interested in becoming an affiliate and knowing the conversion rates on some of the products would make your decision easier.

  4. Michel

    Some great information here, especially if you promote toys online. I never realized the commissions for some of these types of companies would be so good. And at least with Lego you know that you are selling quality, so there will be hardly any returns of the product.

    People with children are always looking for ways to entertain their little ones, and what better way than with toys. Toys shouldn’t be difficult at all to sell online.

    I read something not so long ago that Toy’s R Us was closing down. Was this just the stores? Are they still running an affiliate program for online sales?

    1. Ed

       You are correct about Toy’s R Us. They have closed down everywhere basically except Canada. Thank you for pointing this out. I will update my blog to reflect this.

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