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Apparels are some of the most consumed products globally. The figures from Statista indicates that revenues from the fashion segment amounted to US$480,912 million in the first quarter of 2018. You are poised to make incredible earnings if you runs a fashion site where you can promote products from major fashion affiliate programs. The fashion industry is highly distributed where many brands appear to dominate instead of leaving just few industry players to choose from. Here are some of the top fashion affiliate programs.



Nordstrom Affiliate Program  

Nordstrom Inc. is a renowned fashion retailer dealing with clothing, footwear, cosmetics, fragrances, accessories, wedding, home furnishing and design products.

Why Nordstrom is great for affiliate marketers

You can take advantage of Nordstrom sales events throughout the year to make money Nordstrom holds 6 designated sale events every year. Two of the six are Half-Yearly sales taking take place semi-annually late May and in the middle or late December, as well as three additional seasonal sales.

The company is also one of the well-known specialty fashion retailers famous for their upscale accessories, clothing, shoes, and cosmetics for both women and men. Their outstanding customer care services sets them apart, making them a trusted retail fashion brand. Nordstrom affiliate program gives more than commission opportunities and has global traffic (cookie length 14 days)


The program gives a maximum of 6% on every sale made although this can vary depending on the products sold and the sales event.

When and how to I get paid?

Commission checks are given out monthly. If the accrued commissions from your website do not exceed US$25 during the month, your commission will accrue and reflect in the following month. You will be responsible for any taxes associated with the commission fees.

What products are eligible for commission?

All products available at, except Gift Cards, are eligible for commission. You get a commission when all clients referred by your site makes a purchase.

How to join the program  

Nordstrom affiliate program works with few sites that guarantees high quality marketing services. The affiliate site need to meet the set content quality and content standards. For this reason, you need to begin by reading Nordstrom Affiliates Agreement.

To begin the process of enrollment, you need to complete and submit the Program application at their Rakuten affiliate. The company will evaluate and determine the eligibility of your application before notifying you through their Rakuten website of your rejection or acceptance. Employees of Nordstrom, Inc. and all its related entities and partners are not eligible to participate in the Program. You’re not eligible to participate in this Program if your website offers rewards, miles, cash back, points, or other closely related incentives to clients or offers discounted gift cards from Nordstrom.

After being accepted into the program, you will be given Nordstrom banners and back links to add to your site for the purpose or directing customers to Nordstrom’s online store.



 Macy’s Affiliate Program

Macy’s actually has an affiliate program. Macy’ is among the leading fashion retailers in women’s, men’s, and children’s apparels and accessories. The company originally began as a department store with less than 10 chains distributed in America’s major cities. With their success, they’ve expanded to several other cities and eventually to the web where thy gives affiliate markers the opportunity to promote their products in return of commissions. Their website offers thousands of name brands and a selection of different products to suit the fashion needs of a wide range of Macy’s customer.

Why Macy’s Affiliate Program is great for affiliate marketers  

Macy’s as a brand has grown to be synonymous with quality in fashion retail. The popularity of the brand itself is a selling point. Their customer service is impressive. Complaints on matters concerning commissions and payouts are rare. The program readily accepts global traffic. They also prefer calculating the commission rate by country instead of having universal rates that apply to everyone. The cookies have a lifespan of 10 days. The average purchase value is US$120 which highly advantageous to the clients. Here are other benefits of marketing with Macy’s Affiliate Program:

Sales and promotions every week

There are gifts for all occasions

Huge selection of designers such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Guess, Lacoste, Steve Madden, Timberland, Levi’s, Michael Kors, Nice, Adidas, Puma, The North Face, Nautica etc.

Macy’s stocks high end fashion brands such as Martha Stewart Collection, Charter Club, Alfani American Rag etc.

Large amount of products on offer, about 1400, fitting every lifestyle across genders and age


Commission rates on qualified sales varies depending on the country. Here are maximum commissions for the US, Canada, UK and Australia:

6.00% on all Australia based sales

6.00% on all Canada based sales

6.00% on the United Kingdom based sales

3.00% on the United States based sales

Qualified sales exclude phone orders, gift cards, furniture/mattress categories and those made through

When and how to get paid?  

Payments are made at the end of every month. If the earnings made in a particular month don’t meet the set minimum amount, they will be pushed forward to the fallowing month. You can choose to receive the earnings through check and through your bank account.

What products are eligible for commission?

All qualified sales on their online store attracts commissions except those involving phone orders, gift cards, furniture/mattress categories and those made through

How to join the program  

You are poised to make impressive earnings with Macy’s Affiliate Program if you runs a fashion trends site. To enroll for the program, begin by registering on their Rakuten website. Take some time to read the membership requirements and agreement located at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve registered, the program will give you Macy’s own banners depicting the company’s logo and links to add on your site. When everything is set as required, you will begin earning commissions on every purchase made by referred client.



Wool and the Gang Affiliate Program

Wool and the Gang gives affiliate marketers the opportunity to make money by promoting products in its online store. The affiliate program is one of the best rewarding, with 8% commission.

Why Wool and the Gang is great for affiliate marketers

This is one of the most rewarding affiliate programs with 8% commission on every confirmed purchase made by a referred customer on the Wool and the Gang site. The commission excludes taxes, returns and shipping costs. The cookies have a lifespan of 30 days.

Category of accepted and restricted publishers:

You are allowed to join the program if you engage in any of the following lines of publishing:

  • All fashion related publishers including lifestyle, knitting, and lifestyle
  • Those pertaining to shopping such as directories
  • Community publishers (sites that allows sign up membership)
  • Content sites including blogs and review sites

Publishers dealing with the following are excluded from the program:

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Cashback programs
  • Voucher programs
  • Loyalty programs

The affiliate program has special guidelines/restrictions on PPC search. First, no broad matching is allowed on brand terms. Second, you’re restricted from bidding on variations and misspellings of terms. Lastly, direct linking is restricted.

When and how to get paid

Payments are made at the end of the month. The payments can be deposited in your bank account. You can opt for the check option.

How to join Wool and the Gang Affiliate Program

The first thing to do is to check your eligibility and the terms by reading the program’s terms and conditions. Associates can join the program via the Rakuten network. There are two sign up pages, one for marketers already on Rakuten and another for marketers yet to join the network. Once the registration process is completed, you will be given banners and links which you will attach to your site. You will earn commission on every purchase made by the referred customers.



UNIQLO Affiliate Program

UNIQLO is a Japanese designer, manufacturer, and retailer of casual wear. The company was founded in 1949 and operates in Far East, Europe, and the Americas. UNIQLO allows affiliate marketers to market their products through their affiliate program and earn commissions.



As a marketer with UNIQLO affiliate program you will earn a minimum of 3% commission on every purchase.

Why you need to join UNIQLO affiliate program

UNIQLO fashion covers a wide age range, between 16 and 96 years. Over 50,000 fashion products are on sale. This assures all the affiliate marketers a steady supply of products across a large age gap. UNIQLO updates their banners and text links much frequently to feature their latest bestselling products and to provide you with a steady stream of updates on new deals and promotions 24 hours. If you are a blogger, you are poised to benefit from UNIQLO’s rigorous promotion and advertising activities which includes video content and PR. Regular offers and incentives are offered. The clients have a 30-day return period.

How to register

Visit the program’s affiliate window to register for free.


As an affiliate, you are barred from using UNIQLO brand name or its misspellings in search engines. You are also not allowed to display the client’s display URL.

An affiliate found breaching the above terms may be suspended and his/her earnings withheld.

When and how the payments are made

Payments are made at the end of the month. Pending or unprocessed earnings are carried forward to the following month. You can choose to receive your earnings by check or bank.


GAP Inc.

GAP Affiliate Program

GAP is an American accessory and clothing retailer with a presence in over 120 countries worldwide. The company has 5 apparel divisions: Banana Republic, Gap (the banner namesake, Weddington Way), Intermix, Athleta and Old Navy. GAP is the 3rd largest apparel retailer in the world and 1st in the United States.


GAP Affiliate Program gives a commission of 5% commission on every purchase made by a referred customer on merchandise. 1% commission is given on sale items. The program provides real-time reports which make it easier to track your earnings and traffic.

Why the program is great for affiliate marketers

GAP Inc. consists of 5 apparel divisions. Collectively, the brand has over 100,000 items on offer. This gives affiliates a large pool of products to market.

How to join the program

To apply for membership, visit  Commission Junction – GAP’s affiliate program provider – and fill the application form. Proceed to add the text links and the program’s banners on your site to link the visitors to GAP’s online store. You will earn a commission every time a customer buys merchandise.



Tarte Affiliate Program

Tarte is an American beauty and cosmetics products maker founded in 2000. It has grown to be among the top cosmetics companies in the world, thanks to their philosophy of producing cruelty-free and eco-friendly cosmetics. Their affiliate program is aimed at helping affiliates interested in cosmetics to earn money by promoting their beauty products online.


The program gives out a maximum commission of 8%.

Why Tarte Affiliate Program is great

The maximum commission of 8% is among the highest in the in the cosmetics niche. The program provides exclusive product sneak peeks and newsletters as well as affiliate-only special promotions and offers.

How to join the program

You can sign-up with the program directly from their website or through VigLink. Once you’ve configured your site with the necessary recommendation tools from the program, you can begin receiving rewards every time the audience shops your site’s recommendations.


These are just a few of the many affiliate programs available in the lucrative fashion industry. Good luck!


All the best,


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