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golf affiliate programs


Two things define the golf affiliate programs: an untapped market and a wealthy clientele base ready to spend lavishly on golfing apparel and equipment. The worldwide golfing apparel and equipment market is worth US12.55 billion.

But this before tourism, gambling, green fees, golf lessons and TV subscription. Clearly, there is a lot of money to be made in golfing. It worth mentioning that golf has since grown to be the 8th most popular sport in the world.


Golf by numbers

  •  23.4 million: The number of Americans who’ve played golf in the last 12 months
  •  US$2,776: The expenditure made by an average golfer in 1 year
  •  30,000: The approximate number of golf related courses worldwide
  •  US$5.0 billion: The estimated value of the golfing tourism in the European Union.


Top golf affiliate programs worth trying out

1. Taylormade golf affiliate program

Campaign name: TaylorMade Golf PreOwned Golf Clubs.

Founded in 1979, TaylorMade is one of the most influential golf products makers in the world. Taylormade affiliate program provides affiliate marketers interested in golfing to earn commissions by promoting their products on their blogs and websites.

How to earn

As it is the tradition with affiliate marketing you will be required to place TaylorMade preowned links and ads on your blog or website to generate traffic to their website. You earn commission when the redirected visitors purchase the golf products.


Sales earns a commission of 5%

Why you should promote with TaylorMade affiliate program

  •  Huge collection of golfing products
  •  TaylorMade has a range of sister affiliate programs which you can coin to market more golf products
  •  Cookies have a lifespan of 30 days
  •  TaylorMade is an established golf equipment brand


2. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

 Campaign name: Callaway Golf Pre-Owned & Outlet

Callaway Golf is a maker of high performance golf equipment. Its Rogue line of golf clubs is a common sight in the golf fields. Callaway Golf affiliate programs gives affiliate marketers an opportunity to promote the renowned Rogue golf clubs and other innovative equipment and earn commissions.

How does it work?

You begin by completing the application process which is done via CJ Affiliate Publisher. You will be provided with HTML codes which you will copy and paste in your blog or website to create links to Callaway Golf Pre-Owned & Outlet site.

These links contains unique code that distinctly identifies your account to ensure that you get credited for all the sales generated by your blog or site. When a client clicks on the links and completes a purchase, a third party known as Commission Junction tracks your unique code, calculates your commission and prepares real time reporting which is accessible via your profile.


Sales attracts a maximum commission of 9%

Why join Callaway Golf Affiliate program?

Immediate Profits: The sign up process is fast and you begin earning commissions immediately provided you set up the HTML codes as instructed

Great commissions: Sales earns a maximum of 9%. This is reasonable considering the fact that Callaway Golf does all the activities related to ordering the products, servicing the clients and fullfiling orders. All you do is maintain your blog or website and earn commission.

Third-party tracking: Instead of doing it themselves, Callaway Golf Pre-Owned & Outlet has outsourced all the tracking, reporting and processing of commission checks to Commission Junction. This reduces common frustrations pertaining to delayed payments and errors in the reports.

Excellent reputation: Affiliate marketers benefit from Callaway Golf Pre-Owned & Outlet good reputation of providing exception client service.


3. Austad’s Golf affiliate program

Austad’s Golf is a golf equipment retailer founded in 1963 by the Austad’s family. It is one of the biggest suppliers of golfing bags, shoes, balls, clubs and apparel from renowned golf brands such as FootJoy, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping and Titleist. Austad’s Golf affiliate program gives affiliate marketers an opportunity to market products from its huge collection and earn commissions.


Associates can earn a maximum commission of 9%. The base commission stands at 7.5%. You will earn a commission of 8.5% when you exceed monthly sales of US$1,000 and 9% if your monthly sales exceed US$5,000.

Payment Information

Payments are made in US dollars at the end of the month. The payment methods are Direct Deposit and Check.

Why join Austad’s Golf affiliate program

  •  A flat commission of 7.5% flat commission, with incentive that increases up to 9 percent with sales over US$5,000
  •  Cookie lifespan of 60 days
  •  Average order size US$145 which is great for your clients
  •  Dedicated program support and management
  •  Austads Golf price matches
  •  Real-time datafeed is available
  •  Access to the golf’s top brands and products at best prices
  •  Variety of text links, banners and other promotional tools
  •  Exclusive affiliate promotions
  •  Monthly affiliate newsletter
  •  Partnership with an authorized family-owned golfing products retailer


4. Nike affiliate program

Nike is one of the top suppliers of golf equipment. Nike is a renowned brand with presence in over 150 countries. It is a pioneer in design and production of sportswear and equipment.

Golf affiliate marketers interested with the Nike brand can promote its golf products from the main Nike affiliate program which handles all of the brand’s sporting products sales.


Associates promoting Nike’s golf products are subject to the regular maximum commission of 11 percent on all valid sales.

Payment Information

Payments are in British Pounds or US Dollars if you are in the UK or the US. You can receive your payments through Check or Direct Deposit.

Why join Nike affiliate program?

  • You will earn up to 11 percent commission on all golf related sales. The average order value is US$100
  • The cookies have a period of 30 day cookie
  • Nike provides an array of category-specific links and affiliate banners
  • Specific NIKEiD promotional materials
  • The product feed is automated
  • Nike provides frequent affiliate communications on new products and offers
  • Gifts are available for all affiliate-run promotions and competitions

You are poised to make significant earnings with Nike affiliate if you operate

  • Golf content sites
  • Golf blog
  • A general sports site
  • Golf apparel or shoe sites
  • Golf news site
  • Shopping directories

5. Mizuno USA Golf Affiliate Program

Mizuno is among the top makers of golf balls, apparel and clubs. Mizuno USA Golf affiliate program puts more concentrates on the US affiliate marketing scene where it provides an opportunity for its associates to promote both golf and baseball products.

Mizuno, as a brand, is famed for its Mizuno tour visor, Thermagrip golf gloves, and Aerolite cart. The WindLite sweater is one of the best-selling item in its golf apparel collection.


Mizuno offers a maximum of 10 percent commission. This commission varies depending on the products on promotion.

Why join Mizuno affiliate program?

  • Both Mizuno’s reputation and extensive experience in designing and manufacturing golf equipment have culminated the brand to great height in the world of golf. Mizuno is to golf what adidas is to athletics
  • Cookies have a lifespan of 30 days
  • The 10 percent commission is among the highest in golf affiliate marketing
  • Mizuno has a sizeable collection of golf products that guarantees a sufficient supply of promotion items.

Payment information

Mizuno affiliate program pays its affiliate marketers at the end of month in US Dollars. Payment methods are Paypal, Check and Direct Deposit.


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of opportunitites to make money in the golf niche. With the popularity of golf nowadays, there are many customers looking to buy something golf related. Hope you have great success!

All the best,



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6 thoughts on “Top Golf Affiliate Programs”

  1. Dave

    Hey there,

    I built a niche website on golfing and it has now started bringing in a good deal of traffic which I believe I can start monetizing to be making some few dollars per month.

    I see all the programs here have a percentage commission of below 20%. I thought I would get some for up to 50% but are these really worth the shot?

    I think it is better to have a low percentage commission and have many products to promote instead of the other way around. What do you think?

    1. Ed

      Thank you Dave. The nice thing about these programs is that they are well established and well known companies. In marketing, brand recognition is everything. These programs have that. My personal opinion is that you would probably make a lot more money selling these products at a lower commission. Only because your volume of sales will be that much higher. That being said, you don’t have to tie yourself to just a few companies. Try a bunch of different products from different companies, and see what works for you. Hope this helps.


  2. SJ

    Hi Edmo

    Thanks for this great post! It could not have come at a better time!

    I was just talking to my brother in law about affiliate marketing and how it was an amazing way to make money online. And being a golf fanatic he immediately asked me about affiliate opportunities in the golf niche and not knowing anything about golfing i was like ermmm….

    so this is perfect! Will be sharing this post with him!

    1. Ed

      Thank you SJ. I’m glad that I could help.

  3. Furkan

    Actually these look really lucrative and I think that Callaway Golf Pre-owned Outlet is suitable for me. But I wonder how I can know the conversion rates? After all, I don’t want to work a lot for programs which do not convert well. Do you have a suggestion for me?

    1. Ed

      My best suggestion would be to contact Callaway and ask them. I’m not sure if they will offer you that information, but it’s worth a shot. I don’t think you go wrong by promoting Callaway products. The name sells itself. Good luck Furkan!

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