best weight loss affiliate programs

Top Health and Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

best weight loss affiliate programs


One of the fastest growing markets that work best with affiliate marketing is the health and weight loss products segment. Marketdata reports that an excess of US$60.5 billion was spent in this segment in the United States in 2017. If you consider Europe and the Far East the figures are even bigger. Clearly, obesity and other related health issues have shot up in the recent past. Therefore, more and more affected are turning on the web to find a quick fix to these issues.

Making profits

Nothing makes up a huge portion of this billion dollar industry like weight loss supplements. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies are in a fierce “supplements race” in which every company striving to develop new and more effective products.

What is great for this niche’s affiliate marketers is that there is a huge variety of products to be promoted. Many buyers prefer buying diet products and subscribing for free trials. You can easily convince a client to try out a free trial of a popular supplement and earn a commission. Some weight loss affiliate programs will give commissions on subsequent orders and monthly subscriptions.

Stick with few supplements

When promoting health and weight loss medications, it is prudent to concentrate your efforts on just a few products. Spreading thin and promoting hordes of products is counterproductive in this niche; it means fewer profits.

For this reason, it is better to hone in on a small audience and offer them the topmost cream of the health and weight loss crop. Between a person promoting one product and another one promoting twenty products, who is believable? In no particular order, here are some of the best weight loss affiliate programs.


BistroMD Affiliate Programbistromd affiliate

BistroMD affiliates deal with both weight loss supplements and diet based medications for lifestyle health concerns such as diabetes.

Customer Experience

Affiliate marketers are presented with a wide variety of diet foods and weight loss supplements.

Other perks enjoyed by customers include;

45-day cookies

Bonus incentives

Monthly newsletter with special offers and promotions and special

Dedicated Program Manager

Existing brand awareness

High demand for products due to the program’s reputation

Attention-grabbing banners

Solid offers

Bi-weekly newsletter

Consistently ranks among the top-earning affiliate programs in health and weight-loss category hence affiliates, attracting a huge number of merchants in the process


BistroMD affiliate program gives $45 on every sale. The first 5 verified sales attract a performance bonus. Top performers get an additional bonus. Top performers can earn over US$6000.00 per month.


BistroMD channels the accrued earnings directly into the affiliate’s registered bank accounts. International marketers can opt for the Paypal option.


HealthyWage Affiliate Programhealthy wage affilate

The success of HealthWage Affiliate Program is due to its popular Team Challenge and HealthyWager lines of weight loss strategies. There are several other products on offer.

Customer experience

HealthyWage offers competitive commissions on sales. Being an affiliate marketer at HealthyWage creates the same feeling you get when you help someone solve his/her weight problems. You are poised to benefit more if you are a lifestyle coach, a trainer, celebrity fitness personality, social media influencer, a blogger or if you own an influential diet review website.

Extra perks enjoyed by customers;

Cookie life of 30 days

Unrestricted access to text links, banner ads and other content assets that makes promotions to be mere snaps.

Access to an affiliate manager who provides assistance and tips, answer questions and provides the necessary support you may need


Each sign up at HealthyWager earns you US$50. Each sign-up for Team Challenge earns you US$30.

HealthWager and Team Challenge

The HealthyWager

Each HealthyWager conversion earns you $50 per conversion. Participants bets on a weight loss challenge and earns US10, 000 when their weight loss target is achieved.

The Team Challenge

You earn $30 for each individual who signs up for the team challenge. Participants are required to form teams of 5 and compete for the US$10,000 and US$18,000 prizes.

Program restrictions

There are no commissions for these scenarios:

Jackpot Challenges

Corporate Challenges

Million Step Challenge

Members of the same team in any challenge


HealthyWager sends the earnings to your bank account or Paypal depending on which option you consider to be convenience.


 Jillian Michaels Affiliate Programjillian micheals affiliate

Jillian Michaels is a weight loss and healthy living bestselling author, entrepreneur and Daytime Emmy nominated TV personality. She is considered to be one of the US’s most inspiring people on TV through her role as a wellness expert, trainer, and life coach. She has created a successful affiliate program based on her brand name.

Customer Experience

This affiliate program perhaps has the most rewarding commissions of all weight loss and healthy living affiliate programs.


Affiliates are divided into tiers depending on their achievement level.

Tier 1 Affiliates: Earns 70% of US$0-US$2,600 in first enrollment fees per month

Tier 2 Affiliates: Earns 80% of US$2,601-US$5,200 in first enrollment fees per month

Tier 3 Affiliates: Earns 90% of US$5,201+ in first enrollment fees per month


Payments are made through Paypal and the bank account you list during sign up.


 Diet-To-Godiettogo affiliate

Diet-to-Go started as a meal delivery company with a goal of making healthy eating both affordable and easy. The company has since developed an affiliate program dealing with healthy living and weight loss products.

Customer Experience

Signing up with Diet-To-Go has fewer requirements and is mainly trouble-free. Their support team is reachable on social media (Facebook and Twitter), Telephone number and email.


Affiliate marketers earn $40 on every sale. Commissions tend to vary depending on the demand of some weight loss supplements.


All earnings are sent to the affiliate’s listed bank account or Paypal account.


As you can see there is plenty of potential income to be made in health and diet niches. These are only 4 of many different affiliate programs available in the health and diet niche. Keep in mind that this is a very competitive market. What you would probably want to do is narrow down and pick a specialty niche inside the health and diet niche. Hope this helps.

All the best,


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  1. Michael

    I agree that weight loss is a great niche to make money on.

    However with the 3 main niches people are always interested in, “health, wealth, happiness” — it also means there will be lots of competition.

    So like you said, its best to pick a very specific sub niche within these categories to become successful.

  2. Erick

    Interesting affiliate programs, this can be really helpful for my site since I always talk about fitness and nutrition and have walked the talk, I sure can see my self-benefiting from one of these affiliate programs out there. I like the Jillian Michaels affiliate program how it is structured it feels more rewarding has you advance per tier.

    1. This is a competitive niche, but also a very rewarding niche if you can get your website established. Thank you Erick, good luck!

  3. Timm Mullowney

    It amazes me how much money people spend on health products in the US let alone the rest of the world!
    Thanks for making this, I always find it nice to find a place with great resources. When looking for products in a certain niche having a wide selection is critical!
    Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to reading more from you!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Timm. I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

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