Top Music Related Affiliate Programs

top music affiliate programs

With the advent of portable devices like smartphones, iPods, and tablet computers, music is among the most popular downloadable products sold online. Music affiliate programs give affiliate marketers an opportunity to capitalize on the music industry by promoting and referring sales on music software, songs, and music equipment.

Commissions are predominantly paid for referred sales. Membership based music affiliate programs prefer pay-per-lead or pay-per-click commission structure.

Music requires caution when being promoted because music products tend to be centered on trademarked names of artists/musicians and brand names. Affiliates need to be careful with their promotional techniques to avoid violating copyright laws. For instance, using trademarked names of artists in the domain and subdomain names can amount to copyright infringement. It is wise to conduct research about each musician’s requirements for use of his/her logo, name and pictures.

Here are some of the top music affiliate programs


Apple’s iTunes Affiliate Programitunes

Apple’s iTunes is world’s largest music store and vendor. It started in 2001 as a simple mp3 music player and has since grown into an intricate multimedia content manager to a point of establishing an affiliate program. You can place affiliate links to iTunes songs, artists, albums, music apps and other music products website, emails and apps.

Commission Rates

Affiliates can promote music and earn music at iTunes in two ways; promoting Apple’s own music (Apple Music) or using the traditional iTunes Platform (iTunes Music, TV, Movies)

Apple Music

Per the program’s terms and conditions, products and services that are eligible for the commission can be subjected to changes at Apple’s discretion. You can earn an exclusive one-time 50 percent commission on the user’s first month of subscription to Apple’s Music. Commissions are offered on all sales for a maximum of 30 days after a client has clicked on your links leading to Apple Music.

iTunes Music, TV, Movies

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn great commissions on revenues generated by the encoded links. Unlike Apple Music, sales are eligible for commissions for a maximum of 24 hours after a client has clicked on the iTunes link.

iTunes Music, TV, Mac Apps, Mac In-Apps, iBooks, Paid Apps and Movies earn a 7 percent commission rate while all the iOS In-App purchases attract a 2.5 percent commission rate.

Customer Experience

iTunes is one of the well-paying affiliate programs on the internet. The customer is given a wide range of tools both meant for enhancing music promotion and ensuring trouble-free experience on the platform. You can easily run reports on commissions, sales, conversion rates and clicks from your affiliate account dashboard.


As an affiliate marketer, you can opt to receive payments via iTunes Store Credit or your banking institution.

One small thing though…

iTunes Store Credit supports the Japanese Yen and the US Dollar only. If you want to receive your money in other currencies, it will be a great idea to opt for the banking option.


eMusic Affiliate Programemusic

eMusic is perhaps the oldest music affiliate program on the internet. It blows its own trumpet by claiming to be the “first ever digital music”. It’s partly right though. eMusic began in 1998 as an mp3 music download site. Ever since, it has grown its music stockpile to 13 million downloadable music content and a trove of downloadable audiobooks.

Commission rates

Every free trial sign-up earns you US$6 commission. You will keep the commission even if the trial member decides not to renew the subscription which is a nice thing.

Customer Experience

eMusic provides customers with links and banners for their email newsletters and websites to enhance music promotion. Customers benefit from eMusic’s huge collection of music.


Payments are made on a regular monthly schedule. You can receive payments by check or direct deposit.

One small thing…

You must be a CJ (Commission Junction) affiliate to promote eMusic’s content.


zZounds Affiliate Programzzounds

zZounds mainly deals with musical instruments. The affiliate program began in 1998 making it one of the oldest music instruments programs. They offer some of the most competitive prices in the musical instruments business. Besides, a client will have the difference refunded if s/he sees low price on an item within 45 days.

Customer Experience

zZounds Affiliate Program has been trying to improve their affiliate services and turn profitable by introducing a more rewarding commission scheme. As a result, customers can earn higher commissions on top of great bonuses which depends on monthly net sales. Besides better commissions, customers are appalled by the diverse music products on offer, long track record, long cookie time, lots of materials to promote and low prices.

Commission rates and bonuses

On top of the usual referral fee rate of 6 percent, you can earn bonuses as shown below:

Affiliates marketers not exclusive to zZound

Generate Monthly Gross Sales > US$5,000, earn a 25 percent bonus

Generate Monthly Gross Sales > US$10,000, earn a 50 percent bonus

Affiliates marketers exclusive to zZound: (For the whole month, zZound should be the only musical instrument seller/affiliate featured on your blog or website)

Generate Monthly Gross Sales > US$1,000, earn a 20 percent bonus

Generate Monthly Gross Sales > US$5,000, earn a 40 percent bonus

Generate Monthly Gross Sales > US$10,000, earn an 80 percent bonus


All accrued earnings are paid out on a monthly basis through the affiliate marketer’s bank accounts or checks.


Virtual Sheet Music Affiliate Programvirtual sheet music

Virtual Sheet Music is a popular website offering downloadable sheet music. It receives roughly 20,000+ users every day for being one of the most trusted sources of sheet music on the web.

Customer experience

Besides competitive commissions, this affiliate program gives its customers an array of privileges and features that makes the promotion experience easy and fab. For instance, their cookie lifespan is 30 years! Anyone who clicks on your cookie becomes your preferred client for life. Therefore, you earn a commission on every sale that client makes.

Commission rates

Affiliates receive a commission of 30 percent on membership sign-up and instant downloads. The fact the Sheet Music Membership, their hottest product, costs $37.7 and has unlimited downloads significantly boosts your earnings.


Payment is by check or bank the registered banking institution.


If music is your niche, these were just a few of the ways that you can promote and profit. Hope this helps.


All the best,


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  1. Sukumar Thingom

    I never knew there were affiliate programmes for music. This sure is a priceless information because I have a music (or rather music-related blog). I have a blog on music systems and even though I have left the blog in a limbo at the moment as I’m working on another website, I wish to make it more active again. I have Amazon affiliate links for music systems, turntables, vinyl records, etc. but I was not making too many sales. Now with the affiliate programmes described in your post, I’m thinking of working on my blog. After all, it’s my first blog and something I started with a lot of passion. Thanks for rekindling those thoughts. The commission structure described sounds awesome.

    1. Ed

      Thank you Sukumar. I am glad that I could help. Good luck with your blog!


  2. Levon Tan

    That is quite an interesting find there. While I always knew there were affiliate websites that catered to music, I didn’t really think about anything beyond the sales of musical instruments and products. Still tho, regardless of the commission, half of these affiliate websites seem not as reputable as the likes of Amazon and Sweetwater. So pulling a sale from these websites may be a lot harder.

    1. Ed

      If you have a loyal following that trusts your opinion, I would think that they would consider buying from them if you recommend a product. Just my opinion. Thanks Levon, good luck with your business!

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