Top Video Game Affiliate Programs



Top Video Games Affiliate Programs

Electronic games are more popular than before, thanks to the increased use of personal computers, smartphones, television sets and the advent of server-based networks. The world electronic game is no longer controlled by few gaming behemoths that used to dominate it in the 1970s and 1980s long before the dot-com era. The advent of the internet and rapid innovations in the gaming hardware has made the video game industry one of the lucrative industries for affiliate marketing.


Video games industry: Facts and Figures

l US$70.6 billion – Global gaming software revenue in 2012

l US$121.7 billion – Global gaming software revenue in 2017

l US$137.9 billion – Projected global gaming software revenue in 2018

l US$165.9 billion – Projected global gaming software revenue in 2020

l In mobile games are leading in popularity followed by PC games and Console games respectively

l 49% – video games reach among American consumers

l 28h53m – Time spent per capita per month with a game console in the United States in 2017

l Sony’s PlayStation 4 – World’s most popular console with 54% market share, just 7% away to attract the envy of Microsoft whose Xbox One is the second most popular

Data Source: Statista and GamesIndustry

It is evident that there is money to be made in the electronic games industry. Some of the leading video games publishers give affiliate programs an opportunity to make money by promoting their games in return for a commission. Here are the top video games affiliate programs worth trying out:



Microsoft Games Studio

1. Microsoft Affiliate Program

Microsoft Games Studio is known for their in-house built Forza Horizon 3, Ori and the Blind: Definite Edition and their new IP Quantum Break, Cobalt and ReCore. It is arguably one of the most prolific games publishers in the electronic games industry. Promoting their games can earn you commissions per download or purchase from their online store.


You can earn up to 10% commission on each purchase. Commissions can vary widely and sometimes depends on the country of residence, duration and the non-gaming products you choose to promote alongside games. The commission rates table shows the amount of commission eligible on an assortment of both gaming and non-gaming products in different countries. Commissions are subject to adjustment from time to time.

Why join Microsoft Affiliate Program?

l You can easily promote their games alongside related software and movies right from the Windows store

l Their games are popular among PC users especially those running on Windows which is the largest PC OS in the world

l Microsoft’s 14-day in-app purchase window is the longest in the industry

l The program offers an array of tools that you can use to create, promote and track your campaigns. This will help you maximize your revenues.

l Multilingual badges and banners in varying range of sizes are provided

l Advanced users are given access to Microsoft data feeds containing rich meta-data of their games catalog.

How and when payments are made

Microsoft is in partnership with various affiliate networks which have been allowed to process and forward commission checks to affiliates. Although Paypal and bank transfers are the most often used payment methods, it is prudent to consult the relevant affiliate network on the payment schedule and the required banking information.

How to join the program

Microsoft Affiliates page highlights a list of network options available. However, they recommend their private network that’s powered by Tradedoubler. The Tradedoubler has the advantage of allowing affiliates to promote all products on offer in all countries worldwide through a single account. The program will review your application within 5 days.

Once you’ve been accepted into the program, build links and start promoting. The Link Builder tool will help you with searching and create properly tagged links before attaching them to your site or app. You can choose to use their multilingual banners and badges to add credibility to your promotions.




1. NVIDIA Affiliate Program

The gaming hardware market is as lucrative as the software but no segment of this market is contested fiercely like the GPU (Game Processing Unit, an equivalent of the regular CPU in PCs) section. NVIDIA dominates the segment with its GeForce line of processors. You have the opportunity to market their famous gaming hardware products through their affiliate program.


A maximum commission of 8% is made on ads that lead to sales on

Why join NVIDIA Affiliate Program?

l NVIDIA is among the gaming hardware industry leaders

l There is a variety of products to promote including GPUs, cooling systems, racks etc.

l No follow-up charges or hidden fees

l NVIDIA is in partnership with OneNetwork to handle all online reporting and tracking the effectiveness of your affiliate website in real-time

When and how payments are made

Payments are made at the end of the month though check or bank transfer.

How to join the program

The homepage of the program has a sign-up button which leads to OneNetwork affiliate network. Proceed to fill all the required information in the registration and wait for approval which takes a maximum of 3 days. Thereafter, you will be provided with NVIDIA banners which you will add to your site to begin marketing their products.



2. Origin Gaming PC Affiliate Program

ORIGIN was founded by former employees of Alienware in 2009 and has since grown to be one of the top gaming PC makers in the world. For you to make real money with ORIGIN, you need to have one or both of the following qualities:

l Be a passionate PC gamer

l Have a popular gaming social media account preferably Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

l Be an avid follower of Twitch.TV channel

l Have a popular site with PC gaming content


ORIGIN determines a percent commission to all its affiliate markers on a case by case basis. They only inform affiliates on their commission structure once their forms have processed and approved. You only join the program after agreeing with their commission structure.

Why join ORIGIN Affiliate Program

l ORIGIN is among the top custom gaming PC builders in the world

l You are free to market products from both ORIGIN PC and Gearshop stores on the same account

l ORIGIN has a team of successful affiliate champions including SWIFTY, HOTTED, LevelCapGaming and Bajheera are readily reachable for tips

When and how payments are made

Orders on Custom PCs are often marred with complications. As a result, ORIGIN PC awards commissions to all affiliates on a quarterly basis. Payouts are made through check or bank transfer.

How to join the program

Fill the Affiliate Application form at the bottom of the page and wait for approval which usually takes a maximum of 72 hours. Thereafter, you will be provided with ORIGIN banners and text links which you will add to your marketing site and begin promoting their products.



3. Razer Affiliate Program

Razer is another leading gaming hardware maker with cutting-edge peripherals including gaming mice, systems, keyboards, controllers, headsets, and mousepads.


Up to 20% commission is awarded on each purchase made by your referral.

l 4% for peripherals

l 20% for software

l US$10 for systems per system sold

All affiliates with incentive, loyalty, coupon or/and discount code websites, their commission will be capped at 1 percent for all products.

Why join Razer Affiliate Program?

l The maximum commission of 20% is among the highest in the gaming hardware niche.

l Free sign-up. There are no hidden charges

l Razer offers special promotions and offers to help you create traffic

l They provide a variety of creative materials including banners of different sizes and a range of data feed text links

When and how payments are made

Commissions are paid on a monthly basis exclusive of sales, return tax, shipping and handling charges. If you make earnings in August, you will get payments on 10th October with 10-day lock period ensuring that there is no fraud. Depending on the banking information you submit, payment can be through check, bank transfer or Paypal.

How to join Razer Affiliate Program

Open their affiliates site and sign-up by specifying your country and filling all the required information. Approval can take a maximum of 72 hours. Once you’ve been approved, you will be provided with text links and banners bearing Razer logo to add to your site and begin marketing their products.



4. GT Omega Racing Affiliate Program

GT Omega Racing is leading maker of gaming office chairs and Sim racing chairs. This brand is renown in the Sim racing and Esport markets. Their affiliate program is a great channel to make money if you are a sim racing enthusiast.


Each referral that results in a sale earns you 5% commission.

Why join this program?

l Promote their products using creative materials such as GT Omega Racing banners and text links that support data feed

l You can join the program for free, no hidden charges

l Plenty of offers and promotions are provided during specific seasons

When and how payments are made

Payments are made at the end of the month. Pending commissions add up to the following month’s payments. GT Omega Racing prefers sending payments to all their affiliates via Paypal, Cheque and Bank Transfer.

How to join the program

Open their affiliate sign-up form and fill it with all the required information. It may take up to 72 hours to be approved. Proceed to add their banners and text links on their site and begin marketing their products.

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