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A wedding tends to be a once in a lifetime experience. The bride and the groom strive to make it as exceptional as possible. A simple wedding can be made to appear like a royal wedding. The preparations that come with a simple wedding tend to be long and nearly always expensive.

As a result, there are dozens of wedding affiliate programs out to take advantage of the lucrative industry to offer brides and grooms wedding products while giving affiliate markers an opportunity to make money from it. Here are the top wedding affiliate programs with reliable reviews in no particular order.


amazon affiliateAmazon Affiliate Program


Amazon affiliate program is among the top affiliate programs on the internet covering the widest range of products. Over the years, it has proved to be remarkable wedding affiliate program.

What makes it be among the best wedding affiliate programs?

Native Shopping Ads

Products links

Handmade-Wedding Store

Custom Ads e.g. Wedding Registry

Handmade-Artisan and more.



Amazon Affiliate Program is known to offer different commissions on different products. Bridal products carry a commission of 8.5 percent which is high compared to CJ Affiliates, a close rival. The minimum payout is US$10. Payouts can be received by check and Paypal.

Customer Experience

Reviews about Amazon Affiliate Program are mainly favorable, an indicator of satisfied clients. The Amazon control panel makes it easy to promote their products and track your earnings. Signing up doesn’t require much information.



 Wedding Paper Divas Affiliate Program (Including Tiny Prints)

wedding paper divas affiliateIt is among the few affiliate programs that are entirely dedicated to the wedding industry. Affiliate marketers marketing products here have to establish a niche within a niche (wedding itself is a niche) to make money.

Wedding Paper Divas Affiliate Program brought to attention the need to split the expansive wedding industry into smaller individual niches. For instance, an affiliate marketer can make huge sums of money made entirely on wedding décor while another can decide to specialize in gowns and suits.


All sales made on content based sites earn up to 10 percent commission. Affiliates marketers benefit from the cross-navigation cookies that are enabled across all the Shutterfly Inc. brands which are an opportunity to expand the range of your promotions.

Customer Experience

Wedding Paper Divas Affiliate Program sends out regular newsletters to alert the affiliates about deals, promotions, and coupons to help them drive conversions. Your commissions are reflected in your account in real time once the referral completes the purchase. The support team is readily reachable by the provided customer care email, phone number, and live chat.



 My Wedding Favors Affiliate Program

my wedding favors affiliate

It is yet another affiliate wedding program fully dedicated to weddings. Their products convert. It stocks a wide array of unique party deals and elegant favors over 100,000 merchants.


This affiliate program offers a 12 percent commission on sales plus cookie duration of 120 days. An average order can amount to US$120, but it isn’t uncommon to process single orders amounting between US$250 and US$500.

Customer Experience

The shopping experience is great. The conversion rates are much higher than what you will find in most other affiliate programs. Your account is updated in a matter of minutes to reflect your earnings. The banners are flexible and easier to use. Also, the customer care’s responsiveness is laudable, with complaints and queries being addressed instantly.



 Honeymoon Wishes Affiliate Program

honeymoon wishes affiliate

Honeymoon Wishes Affiliate Program is one of the most sought wedding affiliate programs largely because it has a bigger merchant base while offering free set up, free membership with no hidden charges involved. Only a tiny service and handling fee is charged which ensures an adverts free experience.


The payout will mainly comprise the 12 percent commission which can be paid to the affiliate marketer through Paypal or directly to a bank account.

Customer experience

This is one of the few affiliate programs free from the nuisance brought by ads hence your experience while perusing through the listed products is uninterrupted. High level of security and encryption is ensured. Couples have the freedom to choose whether the handling fee should be added or not.

Unlike other affiliate programs that tend to shower the couples with unwanted gifts, Honeymoon Wishes avoid this and instead reflects the amount of money the couple will have to spend, thanks to their real-time update registry.

Affiliate marketers will benefit from the wide array of social networking and blogging tools provided which boosts conversion.


 House of Brides Affiliate Program

house of brides affiliate

House of Brides is one of the largest wedding affiliate programs. Their website features more than 50,000 products including varieties of maternity dresses, bridesmaid and bridal dresses, special occasion dresses, plus size dresses, accessories, shoes, bridal headpieces, lingeries, etc.

House of Brides has been in the wedding industry since 1920 and is among the oldest weddings affiliate programs on the internet.

Why it is great to an affiliate marketer

Trusted reputation and experience, the oldest company in the bridal industry and has been in business since 1929.

Generous commissions of 4 percent are offered.

Monthly payments to their affiliate partners through vast trusted Affiliate Networks.

120-day tracking cookie.

Performance based incentives on commission.

A wide variety of creative bridal products to promote

Advanced tools for affiliate partners

24/7 real-time and accurate reporting through their trusted Affiliate Networks.

Affiliate program management system dedicated to the success of affiliate marketers.

Customer Experience

The affiliate program provides interactive tools and banners that an affiliate marketer will find valuable. You can flawlessly add links to your website or blog and access your reports online to check your performance. Brides and grooms are impressed with the fact that the company handles all the shipment costs.



 Wedding Window Affiliate Program

wedding window affiliate

This is probably the best bridal affiliate program on the internet. Their commissions are the most rewarding and come with sumptuous incentives. This affiliate program offers 100,000+ diverse bridal products from its vast merchant base. Besides, it provides themes and other awesome features for couples who would love to create their temporary wedding website.


Wedding Window Affiliate Program offers 30 percent commission on sales, the biggest of any wedding affiliate program. Affiliate marketers get incentives on top of the commissions. Payouts are made on a monthly basis via Paypal.

Customer Experience

It provides a 12-month cookie lifespan, the longest of any wedding affiliate program. There is a wide range of banner ads suites to pick from.


As you can see, if your niche is in the wedding industry, you have plenty of quality affiliate programs to choose from. If you are not an affilaite marketer, and weddings appeal to you, why not make money talking about something you like.


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10 thoughts on “Top Wedding Affiliate Programs”

  1. Great information for those who are looking into Wedding niche. I had never considered this niche but what a great deal of affiliate networks are out there! The best thing is that Amazon’s payout is probably the highest (average is 3-4%) as well as honeymoon registry program that I bet would give us a high payout! Your article just provided the great niche to get into and make money.

    1. Thank you Kyoko. The wedding niche definitely provides a good opportunity for affiliate marketers to make money. The competition isn’t as heavy as some of the other niches.


  2. Wow, just wow. I know a young lady who I’m going to send your link to. Even if you’re not interested in getting into the niche, you provide a great resource. I especially like the honeymoon registry. What a great way to give a gift that will be used instead of sitting in a cabinet for years, or exchanged. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the kind words CW. I am happy that you enjoyed the article.


  3. ZEGU

    The thought of earning some cash through promoting wedding affiliate programmes never crossed my mind.
    I have learned a lot from the various affiliate programmes you have listed in this post.And I stand to benefit knowing they have been tried and tested.
    I prefer the Honeymoon Wishes affiliate programme because of its social networking blogging tools that boost conversion.
    I am just curious to know which one among them is your favourite affiliate programme?

    1. Thank you Zegu. Honeymoon wishes is a great program. I particularly like the private label website that they create for you as an affiliate. All of the programs I’ve mentioned in my article are great, and are unique in their own way.
      I think my favorite one would be the Wedding Window affiliate program, because of the payouts and what they have to offer to the customers.


  4. Dave

    Hey there,

    I have always thought that starting a blog for weddings for my wife, which is based on affiliate marketing would be a huge mistake, and after reading this review, I have started seeing I was wrong.

    I never thought there were many affiliate programs for weddings out there. I will look into these programs more and defnitely build the wedding blog soon. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Dave. There are many ways to earn income in the wedding niche. Good luck with your blog!


  5. Great article Ed! Very helpful. I’m in the niche myself and I love it! It’s a nice niche full of happy people 🙂
    I actually have an online wedding dance tutorial and we also run an affiliate program with 30% com and 90 days cookies if anyone out there is interested 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words Anthony. I’m glad that you enjoyed the article. Good luck with your wedding niche.

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