Using Google Alerts as an Affiliate Marketer


Wondering how you can use Google alerts to generate ideas and get more sales?

Google alerts have become increasingly popular for marketing these days. They are set up on a timely basis and thus, are always up to date. Google Alerts allow you to look for exactly what you need at the time intervals you want so that your content is not messed up.


Apart from the commercial usage of Google alerts, it can also be used as a sales tool. The timely and up to date nature of the Google alerts certainly makes it something I think people would inadvertently check. Thus, it provides a great opportunity affiliate marketers to grow their business.


Alternative Google Alerts: What You Need to Know

Here is how google alerts can be used by affiliate marketers for generating ideas.

1. Choose the right words

First of all, you must choose the right set of keywords. To do the alert on a phrase, you can use the phrase in quotes, thus highlighting it.

For example, if one is looking for a gynaecologist, mentioning the word in quotes will yield fewer, but more accurate results. If the quotes are not used, the results can highly vary and include more general things than usual.

2. Use Search Manipulators

You can make use of search manipulators like the exact and alternate keywords to get the kind of results you want. You can make use of product names, etc. as keywords in the Google alerts. You can also make use of alternate words in the place of the keyword so that the alert leads to the same spot.

Apart from that, using synonyms and referencing them throughout the post also brings a place in the Google alerts domain, and keeps you in the circle. But you should always make sure to keep these alerts in a separate folder and deal with them differently as compared to a mail.

3. Use it for job openings

Another way to make use of Google alerts is to alert the users of a job opening you might have at your website. Most affiliate marketers are looking to sell their products, but you can turn potential readers into potential workers by hitting them at the right spot.

Setting up Google alerts for job openings on your website also sets a more user-friendly tone for your site. This results in more interaction, better readability, and more sales for the affiliate.

4. Generate Leads

Setting up Google Alerts can be a great way to generate leads for your website as well. In order to use the Google alerts as a sales tool, you must set up alerts for the potential leads’ name. However, one must limit the alert to the company news, so that they know where the interest actually lies.

The alert will help you learn where they currently stand in the business, where they’re being featured, and what are their current goals. You can shift the possibilities of your company accordingly and approach them when the time is right.

5. Make Partnerships

Another way to make use of Google alerts is to use it to ease in the partnerships will other affiliates. The partnership may depend on the integration of apps, models, goals, business agencies, products and more. You could charge the other company a referral fee for finding you through the alerts and more.

6. Follow Trends

The most common and important use of a Google alert is to keep one updated on the subjects one deems important. An affiliate marketer is highly associated with the sales of their products.

Thus, you can always go for the listings of your products to determine where they stand. Quick research on the similar products will also make you aware of the market trends, thus providing you with a better opportunity to deal with them.

7. Find Clients

Apart from great business partnerships, product trends, and deals, Google alerts can also help you target the right kind of users for your products. You may offer a lot as an affiliate marketer, but basic research would be enough to tell you what kind of products different groups are interested in.


This way, you have enough time to segregate your groups and find the ideal clients for each one of them. Every ideal client is charged as per their rules and regulations of their work and the offered cut. However, you can personalize that for every client, thus building a deeper bond with your audience than previous one.

I have attached a video from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate, showing you how to generate ideas as an affiliate marketer.


Why would you love it?


Google Alerts may seem like a simple tool on most occasion to keep yourself u-to-date on the subjects you like, but lately, it has become a pawn in the marketing strategy of affiliate marketing. The tool, if used right, can get you information about the latest market trends while catering it according to every single user you may have on your website.

It can build deep, trustworthy relationship with your clients and also help you find good partnerships. The ability to find other companies in the market allows you to appreciate their products as well as criticize yourselves.

You may also end up following leads that you admire and earning more than just money. Partnerships formed through Google alerts have a lot of room for potential money ideas. Thus, one must treat Google alerts with as much respect as that of any other marketing tool online.

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