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As we have mentioned many times, affiliate marketing is one of your best options if you’re looking to try and make some money online. There are literally thousands of different products and offers that you can promote using your website, social media, paid ads, and other forms of traffic, and if you choose the right combination of traffic and offer type, you can strike lucky and start making some serious cash.

One of the biggest challenges when you are doing affiliate marketing is actually the saturation of the market. Due to the popularity of affiliate marketplace sites like Clickbank, a lot of people are trying to promote the same products all over the place, and due to this high level of competition amongst affiliates, it has become a lot harder to make decent amounts of money as an affiliate marketer.

So what can be done about this saturation? One of the best things you can do if you still want to succeed as an affiliate marketer is to have a think about different niches and products that others may not have thought of. Instead of going to the likes of Clickbank and promoting the same old digital products that everyone else is promoting, try to think a little more outside the box and find some other products that have their own individual affiliate programs without relying on a central affiliate marketplace site.

There are actually plenty of products like this, and there is much less competition when it comes to promoting them. Today we’ll be looking at one of these products – A VPN service called Surfshark.

What is a VPN service?

VPN is just the short version of Virtual Private Network, which is a service that people use on the internet to protect their privacy and security. If you use a VPN service, you are basically creating a fully encrypted tunnel between your computer, phone or other device and another server in a different location.

By doing this you can change your IP address and then browse the internet through that server, and your physical location will appear to be completely different to those who are looking at you online. In many cases, the server will even be located in a different country to you, so whoever wants to find out where you are will think are in a completely different place to where you actually are in real life.

Why would someone make use of a VPN?

There is a huge variety of reasons that someone might want to maximize their security, privacy and safety on the internet by making use of a VPN service to change their IP address.

One of the biggest reasons to do so is to be protected when using public WiFi hotspots in busy areas such as airports and coffee shops. If you use the WiFi connections in these public locations, you are actually leaving yourself very vulnerable to attacks by hackers in your local vicinity, as they are able to intercept the transmissions between your device and the public router and capture your data.

If you are using a public WiFi connection to make a purchase online for example, someone could intercept the transmission and steal your credit card information, which is very dangerous from a security and privacy perspective. If you use a VPN service however, the transmissions over public WiFi will be fully encrypted, meaning that local opportunistic hackers will not be able to unscramble the data in order to capture your information.

Another reason that someone might want to use a VPN service is to change their location to gain some particular feature or advantage that they would otherwise not be able to have. The wildly popular streaming service, Netflix, is a prime example of this. The USA version of Netflix has certain shows available to watch that it doesn’t have in local versions in other countries. So for example, by using a VPN service to change their location to the USA, a Netflix user in Europe can enjoy the shows that they would otherwise be unable to watch.

As many people are very passionate about their TV shows, this can be a very tempting benefit for some people. The same thing also applies to certain sports streaming services which are location-dependent, as well as the BBC’s famous iPlayer service, which you can get access to by changing your location to the UK. Some computer games are also released earlier in certain countries, so gaming enthusiasts can get early access to the games they want without having to wait longer than necessary.

Netflix is just one example of how changing your location can add certain benefits or features, but appearing to be in a different country can also have even more significant advantages. For example, in China, most of the popular western services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all banned by the government and it’s impossible to access them, both for Chinese citizens and also tourists who happen to be visiting the country.

So anyone within Chinese territory can simply use a VPN service to bypass the government ban and access all of these western sites without any problems. Because the connection is fully encrypted, nobody can find out what you are doing on the internet!

Yet another benefit of using a VPN is that in some cases it can massively increase the speed of your connection. In many countries, Internet Service Providers cap the bandwidth available for certain streaming services like Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime, in order to guarantee adequate speeds for everyone on their service. If you encrypt your connection with a VPN, your ISP can’t see which service you are using, making it much less likely that they will be able to throttle your speed when you’re streaming video.

Of course, not everyone who uses a VPN has good intentions. For example, many people use them to illegally download movies and other copyrighted material using P2P services like BitTorrent. However, there is a great moral case for VPN services too. In many countries, freedom of speech is not guaranteed, so human rights activists in those countries can use a VPN service to tell the rest of the world the truth about what is happening in their country.

When used as a tool to bypass censorship, VPN services can play an important role in positive political change around the world. VPNs are definitely not going anywhere, they are here to stay. As a result, many companies have sprung up offering VPNs as a service, and many of those companies also have affiliate programs to help them get more sales.

So what about the Surfshark affiliate program?

Surfshark is one of the most highly acclaimed VPN services you can find online, so it has a very solid reputation. The brand is highly reputable and their site has been optimized to convert visitors into sales, which is always appealing for affiliates.

Because it’s a digital service, Surfshark’s affiliate commissions are generous, and the pricing is also very appealing to customers. Payouts are fast, enabling you to get the cashflow you need for your business to thrive. You won’t be waiting around for months to get your payouts like you need to do with some affiliate programs out there.

Another great thing about the Surfshark affiliate program is the level of assistance they provide to affiliates. Once you sign up for the program, you will be assigned your own account manager who will help you create your overall sales plan and get you set up with maximum chances of success.

This is incredible valuable as many programs will just give you your affiliate link and pretty much leave you alone without any help at all. The Surfshark team will actually help you get sales and maximize your conversion rates, which is really fantastic.

Once you start successfully promoting the product you can also earn Top Affiliate status, leading to higher payout rates, additional assistance and even new partnership opportunities. This adds plenty of extra incentive to do well with the product. We have seen time and time again that the most successful affiliate marketers are the ones who build strong partnerships and relationships with the vendors that they work with, so it’s great that Surfshark offers this kind of opportunity.

Signing up to the Surfshark affiliate program is also incredibly easy. You just need to fill in a short form, and they’ll have you set up with your affiliate link and marketing materials in no time. Some affiliate programs really over-complicate the signup process, so this is really great to see.

Closing Thoughts

Finding a great product that is not too saturated is absolutely vital if you want to see success as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank are just being used way too much, so finding different products can be absolutely key. VPN services are a great niche to get yourself into promoting, and Surfshark is not only one of the best services in its class, but it also has one of the best affiliate programs in the industry. We’d highly recommend that you give the Surfshark affiliate program a shot.

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