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Walmart Affiliate Program


Affiliate marketing is the new money making channel which everyone seems to be taking nowadays. That does not come as a surprise considering that the future of employment is on online, jobs such as affiliate marketing. With more online shops getting established with each dawn, we expect even more people to take this route.

However, besides the new ones being created, there are already well-established affiliate niche sites in the market which need no heavy advertising as they are already well rooted and an example of such is the Walmart affiliate program. If you were thinking of taking this path, read on to find out all the information about it and how it pertains to affiliate marketers.


About the Program and How it Works

First things first, for those who are hearing this term for the first time, the Walmart affiliate program is an online platform created by Walmart on which affiliate marketers can earn commission by promoting its vast array of products.

Walmart is among the leading multinational retail corporations in America and owns a chain of hypermarkets, grocery and discount department stores which are located all over the country.

Hence all those who sign up as affiliate marketers have a diverse collection of goods which they can promote, and their options are endless as they can choose whatever they think suits them best. Below are some of the categories which you can choose from;

• Sports and fitness tools

• Home improvement equipment

• Crafts and hobbies

• Anything in fashion from clothing, jewellery, shoes or even cosmetics

• Baby and toddler items such as baby umbrellas, carriers, baby walkers among many others

• Or music, books and movies

It is an excellent way to make extra cash because it does not require you to be present physically. All you need is a good website which has been well optimised to increase your visibility to search engine and then include Walmart links on it. Every time a visitor follows this link from your website and then makes a purchase, you get the commission.


The Walmart Affiliate Program Structure

Now that you have a clue of how this goes, it is time you know about the structure and how the commissions are paid. You get all the text links and banners from the program itself. They are designed in such a way that they have a unique code which traces back to you whenever anyone uses it from your website.

As an affiliate marketer, you also have access to archived newsletters from Walmart, and you can effortlessly generate any links from the site whenever you need to. There is no membership fee required to join the Walmart affiliate program and once you get the approval to enter you are good to go.

The average commission rate of Walmart ranges between 1 to 4 percent, but it all depends on the products you are promoting. Here is a table with some of the commission rates depending on the products.

Product Commission rate

Electronics 1%

Home and beauty 4%

Health and sports equipment and products 4%

Jewelry and clothing 4%

Books, Movies, music and video games 1%

Baby 4%

Business 18%

Contact lenses 10%

What you need to join the Walmart affiliate programs and tools you need to increase your online income from the program.

Joining the Walmart affiliate program is not as complicated as many people think. All you need to do is visit their official website and apply. Some of the information required includes your name, address and location and also your website address. If you meet all the qualifications, then you have higher chances of being approved.

Once you gain approval, you will need tools such as the Walmart chrome extension to help you access the program more easily and quickly. Another excellent tool is the Walmart SDK which allows you to insert the Walmart products on your website and also embeds the buy now button.

Through this, customers who have interest in that product will not have to look for it instead they will quickly access it from your website through your text link and that way you get to make even more.



More on the Walmart Affiliate Program

The program uses LinkShare as their service provider. This makes it easy for the affiliates to use the program because LinkShare provides them with a more straightforward interface which allows them to keep track of all their sales so that anytime a buyer uses your link you get notified.

It also keeps track of all click through, impressions and commissions. Additionally, all your information is protected, and you do not have to worry because Link share does not track any of your sensitive data.

Walmart primary objective is to help their affiliates benefit themselves even more and to enable it to do so the company recently announced its plan to collaborate with Channel advisor which is another company which helps bring together more stores and brands online.

Through this collaboration, Walmart will increase its merchandise, and as a result, the affiliates will have even more products to select from. Today, the Walmart affiliate program has approximately 9 million products online and in different categories. The collaboration will help increase the number and thus create room for more affiliate marketers.

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