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Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama

Affilorama can best be explained as an internet marketing course consisting of a number of hours(hundreds) of written materials and video training lessons with the aim of teaching you on affiliate marketing. The course was initiated by Mark Ling- a renowned entrepreneur in February 2005.

It is intended to offer a step-by-step training course to beginners as well as advanced affiliate marketers so as to build a flourishing online affiliate business.

The program can freely be joined and aims at everyone who would like to venture into affiliate marketing and online business. Training in Affilorama is directed towards everything ranging from the basic website set-up to sophisticated promotional techniques.


On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate is a virtual community that has a training center with over eight hundred thousand members. It was founded Kyle and Carson in 2005 and has grown to be the most popular platform for training digital marketing. Based on a number of sources, Wealthy Affiliate is neither a pyramid scam nor money making scheme.

This is a user-friendly platform for those who wish to join. The program trains, teaches, supports and educates members. It provides training on how to take your business to the next level.


Within Affilorama, there are exciting products that are able to be enjoyed by members. To enjoy this, you need to be trained on how to go about this. However, Wealthy Affiliate seems to surpass Affillaroma because of its interactive nature with clients. Also, unlike in other internet marketing including Affillaroma, Wealthy Affiliate is very much updated in the SEO world and it makes its promotions with the SEO skills that mainly aims at the creation of content.



Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Benefits


For beginners and experts, Wealthy Affiliate has actually proven to be of great help. With so many training materials and 100s of hours of videos, you have everything you need to succeed at your fingertips. This is so simple, affordable to many and has great support that is always available.


Training Made Simple


The training offered in Wealthy Affiliate is made simple and can accommodate all levels of individuals. The step by step procedures gives you a great understanding in each part. Also, there are video tutorials that go hand in hand with the given notes.

This makes this so simple and easy to understand and figure out what really happens in the outside world. This is a good way for starters who are willing to make money online. A starter only needs to choose a product on the platform and start promoting it and earn yourself a great commission.


It’s Affordable


Joining other marketing platforms, you are supposed to subscribe in order to get training materials. However, in Wealthy Affiliate, you can get started without paying any cash. Some of their training is free and you can even get access to some of their tools plus two free websites. After you feel comfortable with the company, you can then join the paid membership that is likewise affordable.


Great Support


To manage all online marketing programs and courses, support is an ideal thing that you need to consider. This is what most people do not get when they attend classes. Whenever you need an explanation on a certain topic, Wealthy Affiliate offers the best guidance to their learners. This is mainly through the live chats offered.


Plenty of Websites


Wealthy Affiliate has a high-quality web hosting on individual domains. This also comes with unlimited websites that are created in within their systems. Premium members are allowed up to 50 websites. This helps those who work with this platform towards achieving their set goals. You can as well create your own profile and blog in Wealthy Affiliate something that other marketing platforms do not allow.




Within Wealthy Affiliate, members enjoy handsome premiums from the work they do. They as well can enroll to being premium members with as little as $19 for the first month, and $49 per month afterward. Also, you can pay yearly for $359.That works out to $29 per month. This is quite affordable and you can subscribe to it to continue enjoying the benefits. Affilorama is $1 for the first month and $67 per month afterward.


Final Verdict


Working with Wealthy Affiliate is quite good for whoever wants to earn money. You do not need to put out a lot of capital for you to start earning your own. It is, therefore, my opinion that Wealthy Affiliate can enable you to do this with no strains, unlike when using the Affilorama platform.

The numerous training materials offered are also another attractive thing in Wealthy Affiliate. This will not only help when working with this website but you can also apply this to other websites as well. Per month, you will end up paying less cash when you use Wealthy Affiliate as oppose to Affilorama.

You will also enjoy the best support ever found on internet marketing when you work with Wealthy Affiliate. This is a good motivation for starters who through the study might be in need or some kind of coaching.

Wealthy Affiliate thus is the best compared to Affilorama. It takes good care of its members who are willing to earn online. In the head to head battle, while both are great sites for learning, Wealthy Affiliate offers more and costs less than Affilorama. For this reason, Wealthy Affiliate wins hands down over Affilorama.

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