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Avantlink – A Cut Above

What is Avantlink?

If you are involved with affiliate marketing in some compacity, you have probably heard of Avantlink. But what exactly is it? Much like Rakuten, Cj Affiliates and Clickbank, Avantlink is an affiliate marketing network. Unlike some of the other affiliate networks, Avantlink is difficult to join. They place a high standard on both affiliates and merchants.


What is an Affiliate Marketing Network?

Affiliate marketing networks contain many company’s affiliate programs all on one site. It’s like one stop shopping for affiliate programs. For example, Avantlink has hundreds of affiliate programs to choose from, including 360 Training inc., Electrohome, Raleigh Bicycles and Tony Robbins just to name a few.

About Avantlink

Based in Park City, Utah, Avantlink believes in quality as their main focus. Only merchants and affiliates that meet a strict criteria will be accepted. Avantlink follows a vigorous QA and vetting process to ensure this happens. In fact, only 30% of affiliate applicants are accepted.

What this means for the merchants is that they can be assured that they will have only the best affiliates promoting their products. Same goes for the affiliates, as they will be able to promote merchandise from reputable companies that had to comply with a strict protocol.

What Does Avantlink Offer it’s Merchants?

For merchants, using Avantlink can be very beneficial. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Time spent monitoring fraudulent activity is minimized as Avantlink only works with top-quality affiliates
  • Each affiliate has to go through a stringent vetting process, ensuring that only high quality affiliates are chosen
  • Affiliates can only apply to one program at a time
  • Once a merchant has denied an affiliates application, that affiliate cannot re-apply with that merchant

What Does Avantlink Offer it’s Affiliates

For affiliates, there are lots of reasons to use Avantlink.

  • Avantlink only has established merchants that have large product offerrings
  • They offer a lot of data in real time, to help affiliates increase their revenue
  • If you are an affilliate who is adept at developing new ways to market products, Avantlink has an App Market platform where you can develop these ideas and earn revenue sharing
  • Product level tools to help affiliates advertise in new ways
  • They offer active sales coupons and promotions
  • You can add a custom tracking link in seconds
  • Avantlink does not use “last click wins” to determine commission payouts. They use real time data to share commissions with mutiple affiliates involved with the sale.

Promotional Tools

Here are some of the promotional tools that are available for affiliates to use at Avantlink.

Merchant Ads

Avantlink provides automatic updates for their text or immage/banner merchant ads. They also automatically encode HTMLs and tracking URLs for the affiliates website.

Affiliate Link Encoder

With the Affiliate Link Encoder, you can automatically change all of your direct-to-merchant links to affiliate links. Also, you can automatically create affiliate links for keywords throughout your site. This tool also eliminates the need for you to login to the network to get the encoded links.

Custom Link Builder

The Custom Link Builder allows affiliates to build custom affiliate links with ease. It also allows you to setup custom tracking codes, as well as providing you the option to deep link visitors to high converting areas of a merchants site.

Avanlink WordPress Plugin

With this plugin, affiliates can access merchant ad campaigns and create links all from within WordPress. It also provides a product database search from mutiple merchants. The beauty of this plugin is that it provides automatic integration with the Affiliate Link Encoder tool.

Product Ad Widget

This tool allows affiliates to feature multiple stores with this one widget. It also automatically updates product content, as well as updating displays instantly, using subscription configurations.

Product Content Widget

The product content widget has many uses. It can provide images and/or information about multiple products. It can also can give price comparisons for a specific product, from all of your merchants. This should help with conversions, as customers will see all of the different prices for the same product, from various merchants.

Something else this widget does is provide product reviews from the merchant (if availabe) for the item you are promoting. It will also provide similar products from other merchants, as well as show other products that have been purchased together.

Deal of the Day

The Deal of the Day tool allows you to publish a deal of the day or one deal at a time content. You can also promote Deal of the Day or One Deal at a Time RSS feed subscriptions and have your affiliate links automatically encoded. Using another tool called Avantlink API, you can create Deal of the Day or One Deal at a Time mobile alerts.



Whether you are an affiliate or a Merchant, Avantlink offers plenty opportunity to increase sales. Their team works closely with their clients in order to achieve their goals. Also, the tools at Avantlink are more advanced than at other affiliate networks. If you think that you have what it takes to join Avantlink you can click here. If you don’t get approved, don’t be too disappointed. Remember that 70% of applicants are rejected. Good Luck!

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