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The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review



Owner: Anthony Trister
Price: $47 + Upsells
Who is it for: Experts

Are you fed up with your 9 to 5 gig? Are you in search of a new money-making opportunity that offers freedom and the ability to work your own hours? If you want to become your own boss, you need the knowledge and tools to start working from home.


There are several benefits to working from home. For starters, you get to spend more time with your family. This increases the family bond. You also get to construct a flexible work environment. Such a situation not only relieves stress in your life, but it offers a healthier work-life balance.


Want to enjoy the benefits of working from home? Well, that opportunity is right in front of you. This opportunity is in the form of internet marketing. Today we are going to review a site that claims to train people to internet market for themselves, that site is Coffee Shop Millionaire.


What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?


Coffee Shop Millionaire is a training program that is supposed to provide knowledge to people who want to learn how to make a full-time six-figure income online. As an internet-based course, Coffee Shop Millionaire teaches online users the basics of internet marketing,


Its focus is on local marketing for online business. For example, if you are planning on starting a blog, the internet course teaches you how to go out and convert your content into traffic and revenue. For this product to work, you need  experience with internet marketing.


What you need to know is that selling to online visitors and local businesses is not easy, especially without training. As an upcoming online entrepreneur, if you have no clients, you will not make any money. Unfortunately, this is hardly even touched upon in the training.


Who is the Founder of Coffee Shop Millionaire?


The founder of Coffee Shop Millionaire is Anthony Trister. He is an internet marketer and salesman. Basically, Anthony Trister is suppose to teach you the basics of internet marketing. He also tries to teach you how to reach out to local businesses and sell them your internet marketing services.


Once you sell the services, the client will pay, and you get to collect checks. Once you understand the business model, you can begin outsourcing your work. Now repeat the process over and over to make money. Easier said than done.


In his training program, Anthony Trister claims to offer the necessary foundation to start your online internet marketing business. He also provides advanced pointers, which is supposed to leave you with lots of information on growing your business. However, much of the information provided is very basic, and can sourced on the internet for free.


What Tools Are Included in the Coffee Shop Millionaire Program?


The program has 12 training modules and video lessons. Each module takes an hour or more to navigate and learn. These modules touch on topics such as Adsense, affiliate marketing, and cash machines. They also cover how to get started with internet marketing.


Here is a list of the modules available in the Coffee Shop Millionaire program:


Million Dollar Launch Secrets


The Million Dollar Launch Secrets has 15 sections. The sections are self-explanatory, and they include Getting Affiliates Excited, Army of Affiliates, Art of Launches, Key to a Mega Launch, Launch Processes, Launch Contests, and more. These lessons aim at providing knowledge to users.


Affiliate Marketing


The Affiliate Marketing section contains the knowledge of using and creating affiliate programs to attract traffic to your website and make more money. Affiliate Marketing is promoting products and getting paid commissions for it.


Skillset Videos


The Skillset Videos has three levels, namely Beginner, which teaches you how to work from home and have the right mindset. You also have Intermediate and Advanced. Intermediate videos focus on increasing market penetration by using Link Building, PPC, Press Releases, and Forum Marketing. Advanced videos cover high volume sales opportunities and webinars.




The VIP section includes three list building strategies. It also includes other tools such as micro-niche keyword, webinar training, site critique, solo ads, split testing, and banner ads.


The 21k System


Has three videos – Part One, Part Two and Part Three


Adsense Sites


The Adsense Sites sections include a quick start guide to Google Adsense, using New Adsense Ads, and how to publish free articles to your blog.


Cash Machines


Cash Machines is available in three categories: Local Cash Machine, Newsletter Cash Machine, and Video Cash Machine.




This section features interviews with Brian David Crane, founder of CallerSmart and Kevin Wilke, founder of Nitro Marketing.


Bonus Interviews


The Bonus Interviews section includes interviews with Jason Drohn, founder of Levelling Up Academy, Kelly Felix, an internet marketing guru, and Dush Ramachandran, CEO of the Net Momentum Corp.


Anthony Trister’s Rolodex


The program also includes seminars and lectures. This is to make the lessons more interesting. The video tutorials offer a presentation of real-life situations. These modules are available in different downloadable formats or podcasts. This allows for flexibility when learning.


After learning the basics of internet marketing, your first task will be to build a website. A website is an essential component of any online business. Not only does a website enhance your online presence, but it improves your business credibility. It’s also an efficient way of promoting your business and showcasing your work.


A website also allows you to build a strong relationship with your target customers as well as boost your authority as an industry leader. The websites are WordPress sites with PLR content. To get started, you have to buy a domain and hosting for two years.


The problem is, this costs a lot of money. In my opinion, this part of the program is unnecessary, as online visitors can build better websites for free. The program also covers content marketing, video marketing, and email marketing.


Who Is Coffee Shop Millionaire Intended For?


The Coffee Shop Millionaire program is for people who are interested in making money. It’s designed for people who are in search of a part-time opportunity that enables you to make money on the side. It’s also a program for online marketers in search of new techniques and tools to help them make more money.


To learn the basics and advanced techniques, you need to go through the Coffee Shop Millionaire training program. The program is designed to be a source of inspiration for those who want to sell digital marketing services to local businesses. You will need lots of inspiration, because the fact is, selling a service like this to local businesses is extremely difficult.


What you ought to know is that the program is not for beginners. Why? The modules can be overwhelming since the program lacks a step by step procedure. If you are a beginner and choose to follow the program, you will need to seek support or people to network with.


The program lacks an active community where you can seek support or network with fellow professionals. As such, the program is suited for those with knowledge of internet marketing and not newbies.


Price of Joining Coffee Shop Millionaire


The price for joining the Coffee Shop Millionaire program is $47 a month. Once you join, you will have access to the 12 modules. The modules are available as video tutorials. After the initial sign up, you will be asked to upgrade to the “Six Figure Success Club.”


The cost of joining the club is $297. This is an upsell technique the company uses to attract people with low-cost offers but end up requesting members to upgrade. Once you subscribe to the club, you need to register for a domain name and hosting.


Depending on your hosting, this can set you back $100 to $500. You’re best to look for a training site that offers domains and hosting as part of their training package. A great place for this is at Wealthy Affiliate.


Availability of Support


Coffee Shop Millionaire offers support via the standard phone and helpdesk email. You can also reach them via the mailing address provided on their website. The support team can resolve problems such as canceling your subscription, refunds, and upgrading your subscription.


Since the support team receives a lot of tickets from members, getting a response takes a while. In fact, you may have to wait 24 hours or more for an answer. In this day and age where your used to instant access to almost anything, waiting 24 hours for support help is unacceptable.


Pros and Cons of Coffee Shop Millionaire





  • A low monthly membership fee of $47
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Instant download
  • Easy to understand





  • Has pricey upsells
  • Offers basic training
  • Much of the type of training  can be found for free on the internet
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Poor support
  • $297 upsell


Is Coffee Shop Millionaire a Scam? Coffee Shop Millionaire Review


Coffee Shop Millionaire is a program for internet marketers who want to learn from industry experts on how to make money online. The 12 modules are easy to follow and understand. This may be helpful to those with prior knowledge of internet marketing as it may help to boost their online business.


The Coffee Shop Millionaire program is not a scam, nor is it a get rich quick program. It’s a program that may help you become a better internet marketer. However, there are much better sites that offer a lot more for a similar price.

Bottom line………..You can find much better ways to invest in yourself.

Owner: Anthony Trister
Price: $47 + Upsells
Who is it for: Experts
Would I Recommend it:  No

All the best,


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