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You may have seen a book called Dotcom Secrets being promoted all over the web and wondered what it’s all about. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this review, we’re going to look at the book in-depth, in order to find out if it’s worth your attention, or just another internet marketing scam that will waste your time. Let’s begin!


Who is behind Dotcom Secrets?

what is dotcomsecrets about

The author of Dotcom Secrets is Russell Brunson, who is probably the internet’s most famous marketer. He is best known as the founder of Clickfunnels, which is a landing page and sales funnel platform that is very popular among internet entrepreneurs, as it offers a complete solution to the need for high-converting landing and sales pages in a successful online business.

After an interesting start to life as a state champion wrestler which no doubt helped his future business mindset, Russell Brunson has run multiple online businesses and made millions of dollars in sales, selling in a broad variety of product categories, including supplements, coaching, consulting and software. Due to certain struggles he encountered in setting up his pages and sales funnels, he decided to create Clickfunnels as an all-in-one problem-solving tool to make life considerably easier for internet entrepreneurs.

Because of his many years of vast experience in online business, Russell should be well-equipped to write a book on the secrets of digital marketing. So let’s have a look inside his book, Dotcom Secrets!

What is Dotcom Secrets?

Russell Brunson created Dotcom Secrets to be a complete roadmap for anyone wanting to start an online business or to grow their existing one. He is currently offering the physical book for free plus shipping costs.

The foreword is written by Dan Kennedy, one of the most famous and successful sales copywriters the world has ever seen. In it, Dan talks about what he calls a ‘fraternity’ of online marketing gurus, many of whom scheme together and create scammy products, providing shaky foundations so that customers have to buy more training products, and with an emphasis on shiny object syndrome. You have probably encountered many of these yourself!

He goes on to say that Russell’s book is different, in that it contains timeless principles that are essential to online and even offline success in marketing, and that these principles do not change when the ‘next big thing’ comes out. In short, Dan Kennedy endorses the book as providing the best foundation possible, with not an inch of shaky ground in sight. Very encouraging!

What does Dotcom Secrets contain?

Russell Brunson introduces the book by immediately stating that it is not another how-to guide to internet marketing, nor a formula for increasing traffic to your site, or indeed a guide to increasing conversions. Rather, it is a direct shortcut to the winning processes that he has used, including actual funnels and scripts that he has put into action.

The book is split into five sections as follows:

Part 1: Ladders and Funnels

This first section is all about the secret to finding your perfect customers and the keys to attracting them. It then moves on to the Value Ladder, which enables you to scale each customer to higher revenue levels than you might originally think possible.

This section also clearly lays out the different traffic types – traffic you control, for example paid ads, traffic you don’t control, for example SEO-based organic traffic, and traffic you own, for example a list of email subscribers that you have built up. It’s very important to get these concepts clear in your head, and the book helps hugely with this.

Part 2: Communication Funnel

This section covers how you should be interacting and connecting with your audience or subscribers. This is absolutely crucial as how well you get a connection with your audience plays a huge role in your final revenue.

The most useful part of this part of the book is the included communication sequences, especially the so-called Seinfeld formula, which focuses on everyday storytelling that leads subtly into sales pitches. This method has been proven to be very effective.

Part 3: Funnelology

This is all about the process of leading your customers to the final point of the sale. This has become known as the sales funnel, and Brunson has become famously associated with the term as he is the main proponent of sales funnels in the online world today.

This section brilliantly guides the reader through setting up both the front and back ends of the funnel in order to create a highly efficient overall process that is built to convert. Truly invaluable!

Part 4: Funnels and Scripts

This section provides incredibly insightful and useful examples of complete funnel structures, including front end, back end and middle. The fact that this kind of information is revealed in a book that is essentially free is very surprising. Many entrepreneurs will really appreciate this and learn some very valuable skills.

Part 5: Clickfunnels

This is a tiny section at only a handful of pages, and it introduces the basics of Russell’s Clickfunnels platform. This is the only part of the book where you get the sense that Russell is selling something, and it’s a great product anyway, so he can be forgiven for that!

Dotcom Secrets is a book created to provide a solid marketing foundation for internet entrepreneurs, and it does a great job. The value of the included funnels, systems and scripts extends far, far beyond the price of the book, which is free plus shipping ($7.95 USA, $14.95 international). You can also get it at Amazon in paperback, hardcover or kindle versions. The value that you get for the price is insane, as many so-called gurus are charging thousands of dollars for inferior information. Our advice would be, grab it while it’s available on this great deal!

Score: 98/100

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8 thoughts on “The Dotcom Secrets Review 2020”

  1. Selenity Jade

    Thanks for the article!  I have heard of Russel Branson and Clickfunnels, of course.  He’s very successful, but a bit too salesy or me, so I haven’t paid it much mind.  I AM curious about his book, though.  I didn’t even know he wrote one.  I’ll definitely have to look at it. Even if he does push too hard for sales, it obviously works, even if it is not for me, and I’m sure the book will be invaluable!

    1. He is a bit salesy, I’ll give you that. But the guy knows his stuff. If you don’t want the free version of the book, so that you don’t get bombarded with emails from him, you can always get it on Amazon. You might even find a used copy for next to nothing. Hope this helps.

  2. Kozakiv

    The third section of DotCom Secrets is all about funnel fundamentals and the strategies behind a successful funnel.
    One of the important points that Russell emphasizes here is that you shouldn’t start from scratch when creating a funnel. It’s highly likely that people in your target market have already created successful sales funnels. So leverage their experience when creating .

    1. Absolutely!! Great point! Thank you for your comment.

  3. Trevor

    This is terrific site.  I´m glad I found you.  I have always wanted to know the secret of the dotcom millionaires. If they can achieve it, why don´t I try and do the same. You have provided a really helpful review of their secrets. To be honest, it was the first time I had heard of Russell B, but if he is as you describe, I accept that. At first glance, “click funnels” sounds interesting.  Is it really? You then describe the book in practical detail. You take us through his book referencing “ladders F”, “Communication F”, “Funnelology” – is that seriously a real word or did he invent it?  Your description regarding scripts and funnels is also really helpful.  I´m tempted to order the book

    At the very end of the review you have a link to a site that looks interesting, “Wealthy Affiliate” Can you give me any more details on them please?  Do you recommend them? I see you have links to a number of other sites to earn money from home.  I have bookmarked your page for a return visit.  Thank you for the detailed information.

    1. Thank you for your comment Trevor. This book is extremely good at describing the funnel process. I absolutely recommend it for anyone that is involved in online marketing. Regarding your question about Wealthy Affiliate, this is something else that I completely endorse. If you want to learn step by step how to be an affiliate marketer, WA is the place to be. Best of all, you can sign up for free!!

      Good luck Trevor! I hope you find success.

  4. Smoochi

    This is a good one. I must first commend the time and energy that you have put into making this website with nice templates and finding time to write an article on dotcoms secret review. i am amazed that russel brunson would also affiliate with wealthy affiliate. the book is new to me. i will get it and read it

    1. Thank you for the kind words. You won’t be disappointed with the book.

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