According to the Business Insider, revenue from affiliate marketing programs grows by 10% annually. This projection is expected to continue beyond 2021. In 2017, the affiliate marketing industry was worth over $12 billion with the EU and US leading the way.


According to MediaKix, 81% of brands rely on affiliate marketing programs to drive sales. The reason why affiliate marketing is popular with brands is that it requires little investment, unlike traditional advertising. As a performance-based form of marketing, brands pay affiliates in commission.


Today, we will be reviewing one of the best affiliate marketing software provider – LeadDyno. In our review, we will highlight LeadDyno, its features, about its affiliate program, benefits of the program, pricing plans and much more.


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What is LeadDyno?


This is an affiliate marketing software provider that runs numerous affiliate programs on behalf of brands. With a global reach of 31, 855, 051 people (at the time of writing), LeadDyno works with any website. Whether you are running a WordPress, Joomla or custom made HTML5 website, LeadDyno is compatible.


As one of the most sought after affiliate marketing software provider, LeadDyno has simplified the recruitment of affiliates. As such, brands can increase their sales through social sharing.


Features of LeadDyno

Affiliate Marketing Automation

LeadDyno allows you to run and grow your affiliate program on autopilot with this feature. You can now stay informed when a new affiliate signs up to your program. If an affiliate makes a sale, LeadDyno will send an email to inform you. In the email, the source of the lead is included.


You will also receive a nightly daily activity report to keep you on the loop about your affiliate program. In the report, you can learn about the following:

  • Total visitors visited your site
  • New visitors to your site
  • New leads captured by LeadDyno
  • Purchases made


You also have the Affiliate Invitation feature that allows you to invite new customers to join your affiliate program. The feature can recruit new customers for you even while you sleep. To enable the feature, simply turn on the Affiliate Invitation Email.” Your new customers will receive an invite to join your affiliate program.

Easy Sign up for affiliates

One of the best features available at LeadDyno is how easy affiliates can sign up. The software has the capability of generating affiliate sign up forms. These forms collect the affiliate’s information allowing them to create accounts and be assigned a commission plan.


After signing up, the affiliate can access the management center. This dashboard allows affiliates to log in and view relevant data pertaining to:

  • Sales
  • Clicks generated
  • Payment history
  • Commission structure


Android and iOS Mobile app

LeadDyno is a mobile responsive platform which means it adapts to any mobile device resolution. As such, affiliates have an opportunity of tracking their accounts even on the go. As a brand, you too can track your affiliates and other activities on the go from any mobile device.


LeadDyno also offers a white label mobile app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Each affiliate can download the app and contains everything needed to promote products and your store.


Google AdWords conversion tracking

You can track Google Adwords conversion tracking right from LeadDyno. All you have to do is login into the affiliate management center and create a new marketing campaign tracking link. This link will be the Target URL within Adwords. If you are advertising on social media, provide the Target URL from LeadDyno. You don’t have to use the link to your homepage. Doing so allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. You will have visibility of the sales funnel and test marketing campaigns quickly.


Single click social sharing

You can now share affiliate links on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook among others thanks to LeadDyno Social Media Sharing Plugin. Designed with one click social sharing in mind, your partners can post links, and share discount codes.


Here is how it works. When a visitor clicks on the Facebook button close to your product, the LeadDyno Sharing Widget automatically pulls the product details from your e-commerce website making it easy to share.



LeadDyno offers easy one-click integrations for popular platforms. They include:

  • Etsy
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Paypal
  • Recurly
  • Hubspot
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Squarespace


The integrations are easy to set up and you can have them running in a few minutes. By doing so, you connect your e-commerce store with LeadDyno for complete purchase, lead and visitor tracking.


LeadDyno Affiliate Program

As a brand, LeadDyno wants to reach out to more brands in need of its services. To do this, LeadDyno has its own affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn 20% recurring commission on all sales referred to LeadDyno. The payout is done every month. To help you earn more money as sales commission, the company provides access to the LeadDyno powered affiliate dashboard. To get started, all you to do is sign up.

How To Sign Up to LeadDyno Affiliate Program

Getting started with LeadDyno affiliate program is easy. Click here to sign up. To join, fill in the registration form with the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email


Click “Sign Up” to submit your details. Head over to your inbox to check the welcome email sent by LeadDyno. Click on the link to verify your account and you can now log in, spread the world about LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing Services and start making money.


Benefits of LeadDyno to Your Brand

#1.Recruit new affiliates even while you sleep

LeadDyno has a new feature called Affiliate Invitation. This feature allows you to invite new customers to join your program, automatically. To do so, log into your dashboard, and turn on the Affiliate Invitation Email. From now on, all your new customers will receive an email invitation to join your affiliate program


#2.Easy to sign up new affiliates

When you create an account for your brand, LeadDyno creates affiliate sign up forms for you automatically. These signup forms are hosted for you making it easy to add as many affiliates as you want. You can customize the signup forms with your brand logo and colors.


#3.One-click social sharing

Another benefit of using LeadDyno is one-click social sharing. Powered by LeadDyno Social Media Sharing plugin, it pulls information about your products automatically from your website. This makes it easy for your customers to share your products on social media platforms.


#4. Access to White label mobile apps

LeadDyno understands the crucial role that mobile devices play in e-commerce today. To help you make more sales and popularise your brand, LeadDyno provides a white label affiliate dashboard app. You can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once an affiliate adds their email, LeadDyno will recognize them and add the dashboard to their smartphones. Now, your affiliates can boost sharing and make earn commissions.


#5. Comes with attractive affiliate marketing tools

LeadDyno offers Twitter and Facebook templates for your affiliates to copy and paste. This makes it easy for your affiliates to promote your products on social media. Thanks to these tools, your affiliates can dominate social media with your products. As such, your sales will experience a boost.


#6.Google Adwords and Facebook Ads tracking

Want to know how much your business is generating from Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns? LeadDyno tracks all your marketing campaigns from the source. You can generate reports to know what products have been bought, how much sales you have made and what pages your visitors have checked.


#7.Integration with popular e-commerce platforms

LeadDyno offers one-click integration for your e-commerce website. This makes it easy for you to track your sales, marketing campaigns and other activities. Popular integration on offer includes Shopify, PayPal, WordPress, BigComerce, Etsy, Reculry, and HubSpot among others.




There are four pricing plans offered by LeadDyno and they all have complimentary affiliate network access. The pricing plans include:

  • Free Trial – available for 30 Days
  • Starter at $49/month
  • Biz Builder at $59/month
  • Accelerator at $79/month


Here are some of the features available with each pricing plan.


  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Email Installation support
  • Live Chat
  • Up to 3000 unique website visitors per month
  • Lead, visitor and Conversion Tracking


Biz Builder 

  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Email Installation support
  • Live Chat
  • Up to 4,500 unique website visitors
  • Lead, visitor and conversion tracking



  • Up to 7,500 unique website visitors per month
  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Visitor, lead and conversion tracking
  • Email and one on one phone installation support
  • Live Chat
  • Email and one one phone ongoing support


Final Thoughts

LeadDyno is an amazing tool for businesses and affiliate marketers as well. Businesses can create affiliate programs for their customers to join and boost returns. Using available tools, brands can track sales, the total number of visitors and purchases made. For affiliate marketers, LeadDyno has its own affiliate marketing program where you can earn 20% recurring commission. All you have to do is promote LeadDyno to your friends on social media and online subscribers. You can try LeadDyno without paying a dime. Just sign up for the 30-day trial. Not only will you have access to its network of affiliates but you can try out its many features.


Interested? Get started with LeadDyno.

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