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SEMrush for Affiliate Marketers – Is it Worth it?


The modern business environment is highly competitive. To stay one or more steps ahead of your top competitors, you must implement smart marketing and SEO strategies. How do you go about this?

You need to carry out competitor analysis. This is where you get to “spy” on your competitors to learn what keywords they are using, their strengths and weaknesses. It also helps you identify what marketing campaigns they are using to divert their leads. Basically, competitor analysis gives you an edge and provides you with useful insights to identify industry trends.

To keep an eye on your top competitors, you need the best SEO tools. SEMrush is one of the best tools that can help you carry out a comprehensive competitor analysis.

Want to know more. Read on to find out why SEM is the perfect tool for businesses and affiliate marketers.

About SEMrush

Founded in 2008 by SEO specialists, SEMrush has grown into a leading competitive research service. Today, it’s no longer a startup. But an international company that commands a huge presence around the world.

The company has more than 200 experts spread across four countries – the US, Russia, Czech Republic, and Cyprus. Thanks to their experience, they have turned SEMrush the best competitive intelligence solutions.

As a company, SEMrush offers tools for digital marketing management. The tools provide professional visibility into your website performance. They can help you gather useful insights into your competitors marketing approaches.

The platform also provides valuable engagement information. This arms internet marketers with information that helps to increase brand engagement. Not only that. They are equipped with knowledge that helps drive traffic to their clients’ websites.

SEMrush tool suite reports the following services:

  • Keyword research
  • Social media marketing
  • Public relations
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Competitive Analysis among others


SEMrush has lots of useful features for digital marketers.

Advertising Analysis

Want to improve your PPC efforts? The Advertising toolkit offered by SEMrush allows you to carry out a competitive analysis. By carrying out competitive analysis, you will get to know the following:

  • Your competitor’s ad budget and target keywords
  • Discover new competitors
  • Monitors your landing pages and ads
  • Localize your ads

To reach the top page rank on Google and other search engines, carry out an organic search. It all starts with the right keywords. Using the competitive intelligence tool, you can locate the best SEO keywords and achieve a higher page rank. With SEMrush, you can also gain insights into your competitors content strategy both in desktop and mobile.

Want to get an overview of your competitor’s GDN strategies. You can do so with SEMrush. Not only that. You can analyze your competitor’s ads, and view their ads on different devices.

Backlink analysis

SEMrush has a powerful backlink checker. It displays all links pointing to your domain and even their quality. This tool allows you to perform deep link analysis and audit. As you already know, a backlink is a vote of your blog’s quality and trustworthiness.

As a key ranking factor, search engines like Google take into account the quality of your backlinks before ranking your web pages. By learning what links are pointing to your website, you gain competitive link intelligence.

Also, you will get to improve your link building strategy and even spot new traffic sources. As you carry out a deep analysis of your backlinks, SEMrush will provide your links with a follow and no follow note. When you monitor the ratio between the two, it helps you maintain a balance and help you increase do follow links.

The backlink checks also allow you to check your competitors’ do follow links.

Keyword research

Want to enrich your content with the best keywords? The SEMrush keyword research tool offers tried and tested keywords similar to those your competitors are using to rank on Google.

The tools also provide extended information on organic and paid research. Useful information you will get include volume, trend, and copies, CPC and number of results. For instance, if the keyword shoes are what you are ranking for, the tool will present the volume and CPC.

The tool has another exciting feature that allows you to match keywords. It offers a list of alternate search queries that aid in increasing your website visibility. To offer related keywords, SEMrush analyzes the top 100 domains listed on Google and Bing. Using a list of variations, the tool provides an endless list of keywords for you to pick.

If your business has gone international, develop business strategies to target customers. SEMrush allows you to tap into its 26 regional databases to find keywords relevant to your market. Even when it comes to multilingual sites, you have keywords in 16 different languages.

Web traffic analysis

Want to know how many visitors you had in a day, week or month? How about your competitors marketing strategies? The Web traffic analytics tool from SEMrush allows you to benchmark your website. Data gathered enables you to make smart decisions especially where to invest your resources to improve performance.

Here are some metrics gathered by the tools:

  • Traffic sources – reveals how websites gather traffic – referral, social, search, or paid
  • Traffic volume – helps you evaluate the number of visitors and compare traffic volume with competitors
  • Geo-distribution – allows you to analyze your website performance in different regions
  • Desktop vs mobile traffic – shows you what device majority of your visitors used to access your website

Social media tracker

You can now improve your social media presence and strategies based on your top competitors’ data. Once you track your competitors’ social media activities, SEMrush will display the data gathered as Top Content report. It will include your best performing posts and highest engagement rate among others. Using the data gathered, compare your engagement with that of your competitors.

How many likes, followers and comments do they have?

Now that you have gathered the data, its time to analyze. By doing so, you understand which social media strategies are performing and which are not. Also, you get to keep an eye on your competitors’ social media strategies and business pages.

You can sort the data by engagement rate, data, number of likes, and views for YouTube videos.

Is SEMrush ideal for affiliate marketers?

Yes, affiliate marketers need SEMrush. Like a Swiss army knife for affiliate marketers, it can help them grow and become better influencers. For starters, affiliate marketers can benefit from the keyword research tool. With the right keywords, one can create relevant, and informative content. This helps drive traffic to their website.

SEMrush allows marketers to carry out a competitors analysis. Data gathered can help the marketer learn what strategies competitors are using. He will also learn what keywords they are targeting in their Google PPC campaigns. To do so, use the Ads History function.

SEMrush can also display the top performing pages and keywords. It works by crawling the top ten pages on Google. From the data, you can learn what new content your competitors are sharing plus ranking keywords.

Pricing plans

SEMrush offers four pricing plans namely:

  • Pro @ $99.95 per month
  • Guru @ $199.95 per month
  • Business @ $399.95 per month
  • Enterprise – customized plan

Here is a quick overview of each plan


Perfect for startups, freelancers and in house marketers with a limited budget. Users can run PPC, SEO, SMM and content projects. They have access to 28 advanced tools.


Designed for SMB and growing marketing agencies, includes Pro features, branded reports, historical data, and extended limits.


For a business with a huge web presence, established marketing agencies and e-commerce websites. Has all Pro and Guru features plus API access, white label reports and sharing options.


This is a custom solution for marketing agencies and business. Users have access to custom limits, custom keyword databases, unlimited crawling, and on-site training.


  • Has an intuitive dashboard that is easy to use
  • Allows you to carry out market intelligence
  • Ideal for gaining more traffic
  • Great for Google shopping campaign analysis
  • Allows you to see how your engagement and audience changes
  • Has social automation features


  • It’s costly. The basic package starts at $99.95 per month
  • Difficult for beginners to use


Is SEMrush worth it?

SEMrush is the ultimate tool for businesses and affiliate marketers who want to simplify their marketing routine. It is also the perfect solution for e-commerce owners. Why? It can help to optimize the online store by tracking position, carrying out market intelligence and website audit.

You can also use the tool to manage your social media presence and reputation. It helps you monitor and respond to your customers in a timely manner. With one click posting, you can share your posts to many social media business pages directly from SEMrush dashboard.

Verdict: SEMrush is a reputable business, however it is quite expensive. I have no doubt that using SEMrush will help garner sales, but you really need to weigh the cost vs the sales. If you want to learn how to do many of the things that SEMrush does for a fraction of the price, I recommend that you try Wealthy Affiliate. It offers a lot, and is free to join. No strings attached.

All the best,


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