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Zurvita Zeal Life Review

If you want to give yourself the gift of financial freedom and make money online on your own terms, then these days you have plenty of options and opportunities to choose from. The most commonly known methods are things like affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or creating blog sites and getting traffic to them.

However, there are other opportunities that you may not have heard of, and that’s what we will be focusing on today. Specifically, we’ll be talking about selling nutritional supplements that go under the brand name Zurvita.

So what is this product?

Founded in Texas and in business for over a decade, Zurvita is a food supplement company that has chosen a different approach to marketing their products. Instead of using traditional ways of advertising and promoting, they instead use a multi-level marketing approach.

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-Level Marketing, which is commonly abbreviated as MLM, and also sometimes referred to as Network Marketing, is essentially a form of business carried out at home by representatives who market and sell a given product directly to the consumer on behalf of the brand.

It’s called multi-level because each sales representative also has the ability (and permission) to train up and delegate to other sales representatives beneath them, who in turn earn their own commissions on the sales of their rep.

This sounds a little bit like a pyramid scheme, doesn’t it? If that thought came to mind, you’d be justified in that, and perhaps you’re wondering if this model is a scam, or even legal at all.

In fact, as long as the focus is more on the sales of the products or services, and not on the recruiting of new members as it would be in a pyramid scheme, then the Multi-Level Marketing model is actually perfectly legitimate and legal.

If a Multi-Level Marketing program has no product, or a very poor and unsubstantial product, with the focus on getting paid being all about how many people you can recruit, then not only is it a scam, but it’s actually a pyramid scheme that is fully breaking the law. You definitely need to watch out for these!

Does Multi-Level Marketing work?

Businesses that use a multi-level marketing approach generally end up with a bad reputation because there is a perceived high failure rate associated with this business model.

However, if you analyse this perception a little deeper, you’ll realise that, provided the business is legitimate and legal, this is actually to do with the commitment level of the average person that enters a multi-level marketing scheme.

Due to the low initial financial investment required to get started with multi-level marketing, this also means that it attracts the kind of people looking for a quick buck who won’t be very committed. Because of this, multi-level marketing tends to have a high drop-out rate, even though it can be a great way to make money if you put in the proper work. Having a real interest in the product and an affinity with the brand is really what you need to have the commitment required to succeed and make good money with this kind of business model.

One thing to be aware of though, is false scarcity. Companies using multi-level marketing will often claim that the opportunity is running out and starting to saturate, in order to get you to join immediately. Just bear in mind that this is usually false, and the opportunity will still be available when you are ready to join.

What opportunity does Zurvita offer?

Zurvita claims that their marketing opportunity is universal and can help anyone looking to make money online. The premise is basically that you need to share their product with other people, and you’ll gain commission income. They say that they will provide all the tools you need to succeed, which includes a special app for your phone.

On the Zurvita website, you can find the entire compensation plan laid out for your review, and of course it is claimed that this program is far superior to other multi-level marketing opportunities out there. In fact, they make it look very easy indeed, and it’s common for multi-level marketing companies to explain their plan structure in over-simplified terms, so that it looks like it will be incredibly easy to make money. Be careful with these kind of claims, as making money online, just like offline, requires hard work and dedication, whatever business model you are using.

Zurvita claim that, as well as getting a few customers yourself, recruiting just 2 friends as sales associates will be all you need to trigger a huge duplication effect, as those 2 friends each recruit another 2 friends, and the money-making chain will continue on auto-pilot. We’re not sure if it would really be that easy!

Zurvita offers a number of different sales commissions and bonuses, but at its core is the 20% that you will get on your personal sales. For bringing on certain customers, you can also earn a customer acquisition bonus somewhere in the region of $30 to $50. You also get a $250 bonus for bringing on 5 customers, which is pretty generous.

Once you recruit your 2 consultants, you can also earn an $800 team bonus if their orders reach a certain level. As they then begin to recruit their own associates and start building what is called the ‘down-chain’ you can then earn commissions on all sales down the next 8 levels, which is a very tempting prospect indeed.

There are a number of other bonuses also on offer for achieving various milestones, but we’ll leave them out of our review. For more information on these, you can check the Zurvita website.

Are people actually making money with Zurvita?

Surprisingly, Zurvita actually do have an income disclosure for their associates, and this is worth analysing.

One of Zurvita’s biggest claims is that you can earn up to $55,000 a year with their scheme, and while this is technically true, the numbers reveal that less than 0.5% of associates actually make this much. Once you process their disclosed figures, you will see that the largest proportion of associates are making something in the region of $600 a year, which is hardly a full-time income.

Closing thoughts

While Zurvita is clearly not a scam and real people are actually making money with it, we believe that the internet has better opportunities. The problem with multi-level marketing in general is that it’s just much more difficult to make a decent amount of money when you take into account the amount of effort that is required to do it. Although the system works, it’s always much more difficult than the companies will claim it is. There’s no such thing as easy money, whether online or offline, and multi-level marketing schemes like Zurvita are no different.

If you are looking for a real sustainable and scalable way to create income for yourself online, then we would recommend a much more robust approach. We think that affiliate marketing is a great money-making method that offers a lot more scope, as well as a lot more return for your efforts. If you want to try Zurvita then give it a go, but we think that you’ll find it requires a lot more effort than it’s worth.

All the best,

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